oh brother

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when i awoke from my post-butter comatose sleep, i was struck with the realization that my brother was shipped off to tekong for the start of his transition from boy to man. yea, my parents accompanied him in today at 945am for the tour around the camp. i only got home with edematous and painful feet at 4am, so i skipped it for much needed sleep.

although, luckily for my very photo-enthusiastic mum, i didn’t miss out on this momentous event at all!

the night before,

botak jones

and at tekong today..

having lunch in the canteen

parents were full of praise for the standard of food (chicken rice) that they were served. apparently they have been deluded and assured into believing that national service is as comfortable as a school camp to pulau ubin. oh dear 😛

"what?? so small??"

HAHAHAHA classic photo.

my mum was actually considering bringing in another pillow for my brother cos she believes that one can never manage sleep without a bolster. haha although i also subscribe to that ideology, i hardly believe the army feels the same way about bolstering their soldiers.

all the nervous little boyz

my brother has a long way to go before his biceps become the size of those on the boy in white hahaha!!! maybe NS is just what he needs.

and then at 930 he called home for 5 minutes only and the three of us (well, mainly my parents) were fighting to summarize 12 hours’ worth of conversation to him. it was simply entertaining to watch my parents being so unusually affectionate! i bet they miss him playing maple story on the com all day long now.

well, as they say, you don’t know what you miss until it’s gone.

for me, i definitely miss having someone come into my room every so often to disturb me, take my ipod touch because he’s too lazy to download songs into his computer, sneer at me for laying a single finger on his precious gadgets (even if by accident), mimic the things my dad loves to say when he nags at us.

it’s hard to believe that after all this time of hoping for today to come so that he’ll finally go to a place where he’s forced to grow up, i’m filled with a little bit of sadness that the little pampered boy of a brother i had will soon be no more.

i miss you justin! even though he won’t read this cos he doesn’t stalk me. he has a very strict policy about privacy, esp when it comes to social media. haha will definitely try to find nice things to buy for him in korea so he’ll never miss out on it!


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