everyday we’re shufflin’

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yes, i promised to reveal the fun thing that we managed to convince kaye to do:


hahahaha it’s been extremely hard trying to persuade kaye to put her foot into a club and experience the inner party animal inside of her. and all along, the only one who never stopped giving up in the constant persuasion was cassy! so you can imagine how happy she was when we received the message at around 1130pm that night that said:

“ok fine i’ll go! getting changed!”

i swear it made us shriek like little (uninhibited) girls in the middle of a quiet night along the marina bay.

a groupshot, in the most unlikely place ever~!

i admit i have forgotten the details of the night, but this one memory stuck out:

when kaye was getting her entry chop from the menacing bouncer, she spent at least 10 seconds insisting that he chop her left hand instead of her right hand. HAHAHAHA!!!

ahh had such a superb night, even though most of the time we just sat outside with bengtatt and his polite drunk of a friend (first of a kind i must say!) talking alot of nonsense. it will honestly be the last time though, so it was extra special ❤

also, i think i vaguely remember suelynn and i filling out our particulars on a grid girl potential form when we were accosted outside butter by the talent-spotting people. hahahaha WHAT!

overall, a great night filled with memories (however vague) which will go down a long way in history and be known as the night kaye lost her clubbing virginity! thanks kaye for braving all your fears to join us!!!!


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