let’s get lawyered

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ever since i was in primary school, i’ve been teased to no end about my surname.

wah! your surname is Law! are you going to become a lawyer?

well, thanks to all the incessant lame jokes i’ve had to tolerate over the years, except the one about being related to Jude Law (that one i likeee 😉 and even managed to fool some people into think it were true), i’ve lost all interest in ever becoming a lawyer.

this sem, i got the chance to try my hand at Law, Pharmacy Law. but it is still a Pharmacy module through and through, so not many essay writings so far. not at all, actually. and i’ve been guilty of not taking it seriously because it’s going to be an open book exam. but now that i actually have to sit for the real thing tomorrow, i must admit that i have not much idea what i’m going to write about HAHAHA

but i remain insistent in adopting the nothing-much-you-can-do-about-the-CAP-so-FCARE

life’s more relaxing like that! (: spent 3 full hours relaxing by watching We Are Singaporeans, then the Noose on xinmsn, then Gossip Girl to give me inspiration for planning my outfit for school the next day- ya i have nothing better to do.

can’t wait for tomorrow’s paper to be over. i have 5 days till the next and final exam on wednesday, but well, it’s gonna be semi-partying this weekend!!! YEA!

plus, i seriously need something to blog about soon. i am boring myself.


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