you know like, whatever?

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i am so exhausted!

it has been nonstop 930am to 930pm (and sometimes even more) studying for the past week and it is seriously no joke man. i study so much until i’ve come to realize that the red chair i bought from ikea last year is giving me back and butt aches from sitting on it 12 hours a day! so in the mornings, i steal my brother’s ergonomic computer chair when he goes to sleep after completing his 12am to 7am Maplestory marathon. crazy nut.

had one paper this morning. could  barely finish on time :/ but i’ve come to accept that pharmacy exams are sometimes over and beyond the amount of information my 12 hours a day mugging maximum equips me with. so, you know, whatever! hahaha

then spent a lovely saturday studying at the airport, soaking up the atmosphere and feeling a little less jealous of all the people dragging luggages, because it’ll be MY TURN in less than a month’s time! 😀 i’m such a child.

on the way home, jeremy drove to the Bakery Story near Sinming, and we indulged in a super yummy cheesecake brownie while jamming to 987fm’s new Mambo Jumbo segment in the car.

it’s the little things that make this dreadful period a whole lot more palatable (: (much unlike metformin, ipratropium and tiotropium)


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