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haha really, just by the caption on the poster, you know EXACTLY how the story is going to turn out. and normally, a sensible person wouldn’t even bother to waste 2 hours watching a movie like that. but girls who like chickflicks are never sensible 😛 and besides, i like natalie portman!

so last night, after a grueling day of studying and worrying about jeremy not being able to make it to korea thanks to elections day pushing NTU exams one week later (more on that later), i decided to take my mind off all my troubles by watching this brainless movie.

two people, who like sex with each other alot, resolve not to develop their relationship into something deeper and more meaningful because Portman’s commitment-phobic character, Emma, is afraid of relationships.

congrats on the sex

Ashton kutcher’s character, Adam, a dude who seems to be under the influence of his dude friends alot, is egged on to engage himself into the most ideal relationship a testosterone-racing heterosexual male can ever dream of: Friends with Benefits.

his sexfriend is none other but Emma. and soon begins to engage in meaningless sex as an attempt to spite his father, after finding out that the womanizer of a man hooked up with Adam’s ex-girlfriend. (yes i know that motivation was extremely lame. blame the plot, don’t blame me)

blah blah blah, Adam and Emma have alot of sex. and here’s the funny part. in the entire movie, there’s is only one blatant sex scene. and i have no idea why but my brother and dad seem to have REALLY good timing to walk into my room at that exact scene and catch me watching it on the telly. and for the next 5 minutes of their romp, the three of us watch in awkward silence, each of them forgetting their initial intent for walking into my room in the first place.


funniest scene ever:

Emma is looking at Adam’s you know where and saying “wow…it’s really sticking out at me!

and because Emma refuses to be given flowers on their date, Adam gives her a bouquet of carrots! hahaha so watch what you say when you claim not to want flowers on special occasions….

overall, the movie actually turned out to be alot better than i would’ve imagined, thanks to the brilliant and humorous dialogue of the characters. and because Emma is a medical resident, her best romantic attempt in a Valentine’s day card read:

You gave me premature ventricular contractions

in english: you made my heart skip a beat.

everybody say awwwwwwwwww……

also, another memorable scene is when Adam makes Emma a period mix. specifically with songs that have puns on periods. hahahahaha!!! highly disturbing, but awwww…

go watch it when you feel like pulling your hair out from all the exam stress! i promise you won’t regret it (:

anyhow, it was major anxiety and depression the whole of yesterday because thanks to NTU shifting exams on the 7 may back to 14 may, jeremy wouldn’t be able to make it when we fly off on the 13th to Korea. and due to last minuteness of the whole situation, the penalties detailed in the fine print of Chan Brother’s terms and conditions amount to a minimum sum of $500 for withdrawal from the trip. it was also too late to switch to another tour group because all the airline and accom were confirmed already. so you can imagine the distress and panic as we were scrambling to figure out a way to deal with the situation.

the only small hope was that NTU was able to accommodate and provide a make-up exam that affected students could sit for. so after emails to professors and to the examination board, jeremy finally got the news today that exams will remain on 7 may.

nearly couldn’t believe my eyes when i read the email. it’s amazing how one email can literally dissipate all the worry, stress and sadness that was weighing me down the past day, and give me renewed motivation to mug for the exams. no kidding.



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