just because i was bored

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and also because i’m at gen’s house right now and she recently got a mother-huge Mac desktop. it’s almost as big as any normal plasma tv. and i need a few swipes of the mouse to bring it across the width of the screen. hahaha!

surprisingly, mac is so much easier to use compared to the days of primary school where we had computer lab sessions with colourful mac PCs, and it got pretty confusing for the teachers to try and teach us Microsoft Powerpoint so they made us switch to the Windows interface on the Mac.

but wow, i realize now there’s ppt, word and xcel on Mac! yes i am very suagu..

thanks to all these advancements, i feel more assured to want a Macbook pro. except i’ll have to wait till next year to get it when i start earning my own keep. omg time flies doesn’t it? we’re only left with 1 more year till graduation!

anyhow, reading week just began and i feel a little less bogged down with revision compared to last sem. the past 3 months were better managed, and i’m glad i took Science of Music- non-examinable and pretty easy to score with some last minute revision. i’m left with 4 core exams, the least number of exams i’ve ever had in 3 years. so happy (:

also doesn’t really matter how well we do now anyway, thanks to the way CAP is structured. so after this NMR tutorial imma go out with chubby for dinner! life’s good 😀

but not as good as chubby’s…who gets to use this mother-huge Mac every day.


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