missing mega matcha

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it was melly’s last day in Singapore! boo hoo hoo ):

but i managed to catch her today to accomplish most, if not all, of the things i had planned to do with her this 1 month!

we managed to study in Starbucks! or rather, she came to Starbucks to disturb my zone 😛 hahaha but luckily for her lateness, i managed to finish Paper Chromatography and 8 lectures of SOM before she came over. tee hee!

and then we ditched the initial boring plan to lunch at Holland Veellage becuz we were both wearing shortz and tongz, you know? the famouz brand, Havananas?

instead, we went to ORCHARD ROAD!

we ate Gindako’s tako balls and MINI MATCHA PARFAIT at sun with moon! so tempted to get their membership card man. i shall consider again after the exams when i’m more free to go gallivanting.

and then i took her to The Editor’s Market, where she couldn’t resist and bought a bag for $35 only!! haha i wanted to buy one of them cute korean-style backpacks but the ones i liked were either too small or difficult to clasp. shall hunt for a nice one in Korea, where i bet the same bags sell for much much cheaper!

besides i recently found this on Gmarket!

got the one in red!! fake, but a prelude to the dream bag i've always wanted!

anyhow, imma miss melly! but July will come soon and there will be more fun things to do other than studying at Starbucks! 😀 i’ll promise to blog more even when my life is hardly fun fun fun fun. Fridays are not even for partying partying ):

rather abrupt, but that’s all folks!!!

also. i have lost my voice thanks to some nasty strain of flu virus that has been infecting everyone like crazy. ugh..


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  1. Awww michy miss you!!! Study hard! Btw, the bag very nice! 😀


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