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feels funny to call it a “date” after so long, but yes, it essentially fits the qualities of one. and honestly, i hope that it never gets too old to call a couple outing a “date”. somehow, calling it a “date” romanticizes the whole thing and makes it all the more special (:

ok i know what you are thinking, i’m not on drugs.

although i did have some Pacofen two days ago but i’m sure the minute levels of codeine would have long been eliminated from my system.

anyway, to celebrate the 16th montheversary, we went to Tampopo at Liang Court for their famous black pig ramen! i liked it so much the first time i had it, the craving for it just kept building and building in the months that have passed (only 2, but still..), until i could no longer suppress it anymore. and FINALLY, we came back for it (((:

this time i had this!



i have no idea how they make the fried pork bits so tasty! there’s like some white power coated on top of it, looks suspiciously like MSG, that adds to the melt-in-your mouth kind of crispy goodness!! you’ll have to try it for yourself to get hooked!

ramen noodles were way too much though, could barely finish half of it bleah.

i’d still say that it’s a different kind of awesome from the black pig ramen. both are just as good so if you get the chance to go there twice (and i don’t see why you wouldn’t), do try both!!

taken with the boy's new man toy: the mini instax! (which i am going to kope one day and buy disney princess film strips to use with)

i digress to show you my cuppycake nails!

painted them myself for 2 hours until 1am and nearly went blind while picking up all the sprinkles with a forceps. as you can see, some have already fallen out, and more have fallen out and left holes in the icing since then…grrr

not a bad effort, considering i painted everything with the normal nail polish brush, and not special nail art brushes.

after dinner we adjoured to Nectarie for dessert and good ol’ people-watching.

ah shit i fail to recall the name of this one. something to do with hazelnut.

Granny Smith Apple Crumble!

not a fan of apple crumble, but always ends up having to eat them because jeremy likes them. haha but this one is one of my favourites! the other being the Granny Smith apple crumble from Food for Thought.

this summer, hopefully i’ll find the time to bake my very own apple pie/crumble!

what a great chill date (: gonna miss days like these with the wave of exams coming up in the month of April. but i suppose, you could still call studying together a “study date” right? 😛


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