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i’m so excited about this!!! i’ve been reading issue after issue of Cleo magazine since December last year, and when some of the clothes that they feature catch my eye, i’ll look for the fine print on the same page to read where they got the stuff from and how much it is.

soon, i began to notice that those clothes always seem to come from this place called The Editor’s Market. at first i thought it was a dodgy shop in far east with one or two good designs, but shitty quality and cutting. but i’ve come to realize that the TEM clothes featured each month consistently catch my eye each! so i’ve been dying to check out this place, which i also went to locate on the shop listings at the back of the magazine, to be at cineleisure #03-04/06A

and today, i was out in town with chubby! so i dragged her from ION to cine to see what this place was all about.

what i loved about walking into TEM was the quietness of it all. i expected it to be like the cramped kind of shops in far east plaza, but it’s 4 times the size of one far east plaza clothes shop. so much space also equates so racks and racks worth of clothes, tables of accessories, and an entire space outside the shop dedicated to bags.

if that wasn’t enough. the price tag nearly drove me nuts.

the pricing is based on the number of items you buy. in essence, the greater the number of clothes you buy, the cheaper each individual item is!


pity that i won’t be able to pull off most of the stuff there. either very vintage or just plain quirky. nonetheless, i trawled the entire shop space (come all the way here and leave empty-handed? HELL TO THE NO~!) and found a pair of off-white high-waisted shorts and a vivid mint green chiffon top! can never go wrong with those two. besides, for that cut and quality, it would’ve cost much more if i had bought it from Topshop or even Forever 21. in the end, because the both of us bought 4 items altogether, my top was $22 (from $25) and shorts were $29 (from $35).

i’m not the hiao kind of person who takes photos of me in the clothes 😛 so you’ll have to use your imagination abit. or just trust me that the place is really worth making a pit stop at during your next shopping trip! it might also be the only stop you’ll ever make in your whole shopping trip because there’s just so much to see there! i didn’t even have time to look at the bags and shoes arghhh next time maybe.

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