16, so bittersweet

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went for a bbq on saturday night at Uncle Henry’s to celebrate Meiling’s 16th bday!

if there’s one thing i’ve learnt everytime i attend bbqs at jeremy’s relatives’ place,


it’s not just your usual bbq foodfare, but really exotic stuff like steak, drunken prawns, pork marinated with white wine sauce that i was totally addicted to, home-made mee siam, home-made taupok, cinnamon-caramelized pineapples (bbq dessert heaven i tell you). goodness, it’s just amazing how good cooks they are. even simple chicken wings can end up being so extremely tasty at their bbqs.

i'm watching you

had no idea how to rip this fellow apart for the meat- i don’t really encounter these kind of crabs at Eng Seng or Melben. haha turns out there’s a little shell flap at the bottom that you can open, after which you can rip out the top shell, pull apart the poor guy’s gills, and start sinking into the meat. sorry, crabby :/

cinnamon-coated pineapples, bbqed to juicy sweetness! 😀 had 4 of these argh so addictive

i wonder if orange & pink was the unintended theme

had a blast! now throat feeling abit sore from all the tasty food (definitely not unaided by MSG). nonetheless, since the next bbq won’t be until a long time later, i really need to find out how to make my own juicy cinnamon-pineapples at home!

speaking of sweet 16, i can hardly remember what went on during my 16th birthday. except a very vivid memory of gen and weixin giving me an ij belt that was painted gold, because i specifically asked for a “Gold belt”. haha the kind of humour that cracks 16 year olds up.

despite that, i think 16 was when i really started to wake up and realize what i wanted to do with my teenage life. and it was most definitely not the nonsense i’d been getting up to prior to that. also, started getting off braces and contacts, so physically also looking less like a joke. i really should’ve grown out my hair then too. but oh well, no real regrets haha.

so i guess, for me, turning 16 meant growing up for real, and having less things to regret when you’re 22 😛

what did turning 16 mean to you back then?


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  1. lollll bbq pineapple


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