melly’s BACK :D

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yes!! after last seeing her in September, melinda is finally back for her Easter hols!!!

coaxed the bunch of them to meet in town, despite everyone’s busy schedules, presentations, and tests  in school the next day. well it was worth it i bet, because we had so much fun! as usual (:

i suggested Ootoya, on level 8 of orchard central, which is supposed to be famous for their charcoal grilled meat.

here it is: the charcoal grilled pork set meal @ $17.80

i tried asking for the meal without the set (which is only $12.50), but the waitress said that the setless meal doesn’t come with rice. like huh what kind of logic is that? who orders a meal with just the meat alone?! ended up with a bowl of tofu, with salmon pieces swimming around, that tasted awful, as my appetizer. as well as a side dish of pickles and miso soup. should’ve just asked how much they charged for a separate bowl of rice.

yucks x 1000000000000

❤ aww it's been too long!

also, i must really commend cassy’s effort for showing up despite having been in school earlier in the evening, and having school at 8am the next day. very out of cassy-character, but yes she did show up 😀 forgot to take a photo of the three of us though argh! next time ok!

Apple Pie A La Cold Stone at the newly-opened Cold Stone Creamery at OC!

it’s basically made of french vanilla ice-cream, graham cracker pie crust, caramel, cinnamon, and apple pie filling! i found it abit too sweet though, and not enough pie crust in the mix.

in addition to that, we ordered the Chocolate Devotion special too, which is chocolate ice-cream mixed with fudge, brownie pieces, and chocolate chips! really enjoyed this YUMMMM! it disappeared too fast i couldn’t even get a decent picture of it lol!!

go lookie at their other creations here! or you can even make your own (:

overall, it’s still abit pricey for a mix-in+ice-cream combi that we already know of from Cold Rock Creamery and various other copy cats that have sprung up in Singapore. although it is impt to note that Cold Stone Creamery actually pioneered the concept. nonetheless, worth a shot! and interesting to watch the super enthu ice-cream servers work on your order like bartenders in a bar. they are literally throwing balls of ice-cream in the air and randomly breaking out into song and cheers every 10 minutes. my mouth will be super tired if i ever worked there for a day man. respect!

ah, bedtime calls. another 8 to 4 day at school and tuition afterwards ):

great to have caught up with friends though (: my cheekbones are hurting from all the laughing. laugh at renard’s new centre parting, laugh at the boys’ queasiness as melinda describes what it’s like to castrate a cow, laugh at kenny because he misheard ‘Fisting’ as ‘Feasting’, laughing when kenny showed us photos of this old couple engaging in extremely lewd behaviour in public,

laugh laugh laugh. i definitely need to start training my cheek muscles for these kind of nights again.


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