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following the recent episodes of illnesses that have plagued me, i was finally in shape and ready to take on another buffet! and since we’re avid fans of japanese food, we decided to look for a good and value-for-money place to go to for an awesome japanese buffet.

after reading the reviews from Lady Iron Chef, we decided to try the dinner buffet at Senki Japanese Restaurant, which is located at 109 Killiney road: exit at the main entrance of Somerset 313, turn right and walk towards KPO, then head all the way straight, past 1 traffic junction and keep walking straight again along the row of eateries until you see the restaurant!

their dinner buffet is $33++ per person (totaled at $40 per pax with GST) and you can sit there and gorge yourself silly from 630pm until 1030pm.

we kicked off the night with SASHIMI ❤

mixed sashimi platter: swordfish, salmon and tuna from left to right

loved salmon the best!  the swordfish was abit too fishy-tasting for my liking.

nonetheless, sashimi was free-flow- a joy to hear only on non-buffet occasions, because i found that you get jelat of sashimi really really fast. some kind of narrow therapeutic window huh. at least we managed to eat our sashimi’s worth by order another large helping of salmon sashimi later!


always a great starter for a jap meal because it’s nice and warm and really helps to work up your appetite for the other dishes. however, this chawanmushi pales in comparison to the one at ichiban boshi because it doesn’t have sliced mushrooms or chicken bits inside ):

Floss Karashi

my favourite dish of the night! especially loved the super juicy and crunchy piece of cucumber that was stuffed in between the sushi, alongside the meat and crunchy fried bits of something. didn’t bother to find out the ingredients because obviously too caught up savouring it haha! but woah, when you bite into it, it’s like heaven! also not forgetting the delicious spicy mayo that really makes the entire mouthful so so satisfying.

definitely a MUST TRY!

the severely underage-looking but pregnant Shishamo Furai

yummy regardless..tee hee!

Enoki Maki

another delectable favourite off the menu: bunches of enoki mushroom rolled in pork slices and fried to perfection. the end parts of the pork are also extra cripsy- SHIOK! ordered a second portion because it was so damn addictive, even when bloated from excessive binging.

Salmon Teppan

not particularly worthy of wasting stomach space for.

Potato Cheese Croquette


the both of us could only stomach 1 ball. the crispy exterior is so over-fried that it’s damn hard, the inside is entirely cheese-flavoured potato that is so overwhelming that its nauseating when you try to eat it while being 70% full.

Tempura Moriwase: mixture of tempura

i dont like prawns so i didn’t enjoy this dish.

Age Dashi Tofu

i absolutely love tofu, so this dish definitely passed (: although it tastes like ordinary Agedashi Tofu, nothing extra to add about it.

what's that? you may ask? it's CHICKEN WINGSSSSS

fancy going to a jap restaurant and ordering chicken wings. bahahha but i loveeee chicken wings and these were one of the best i’ve had in a long while! the meat is marinated with some special sauce that really gives it so much flavour. argh at every buffet, there’ll always be this one dish when you look back on and regret not ordering a second helping of. this is one of them ):

speaking of chicken wings, i can’t wait to eat the yummy ones that melinda always have at her bbqs when she’s back in sg 😀

they tried to trick us into wasting stomach space at the start of the buffet with this complimentary dish of salmon head that was completely gross :/

didn’t finish most of it because

a) i dont know how to eat fish head

b) it tasted disgusting!

funniest part of the buffet was when we ordered mushroom soup with the expectation that it was going to come out all creamy like the normal western ones (they had chicken wings what..), but it came as a bowl of clear liquid with some enoki mushroom floating limply on its surface HAHA. that’s jap mushroom soup for you. needless to say, didn’t turn out very nice.

despite being extremely full, i still made space for 2 yummy mango yoghurt mochi balls which were tragically not on the buffet menu and cost $1.80 for two mini balls.

i haven’t tried Kushinbo buffet, which i heard is supposed to pwn this. but other than 2 or 3 dishes that were spectacular, this Senki buffet didn’t really blow my mind, sadly.

still, worth trying anyway, especially if you like sashimi and other jap dishes. at $40, it’s not bad for a buffet with that much spread- i think we barely managed to finish 1/4 of the dishes that was on the menu LOL!

but next time when i have more money, i’m going to a buffet with free-flow WAGYU BEEF HAHA!

anw, i really enjoy food photography. can’t wait for exams to be over so that i can go and get my EF50mm f/1.8 II lens and take more kickass macro shots of glorious good food 😀


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