death by forever 21

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i have to say this

Forever 21 has THE MOST INEFFICIENT customer service of all time!!!

i can think of so many different instances when i had to trouble myself by emailing them, only to find a few days later that my email was completely ignored, and then calling them using Skype credits to ask the same damn question all over again. but thanks to cassy, i found a free way of calling the US with gmail. but calling them does absolutely nothing either, because i will have to call them at least 3 times before anything gets done.

i remember one occasion when i had so much trouble just getting them to delivery my package- it was delayed because of a problem with their warehouse, i asked for some sort of service recovery discount code to use. and all the customer service operator could tell me was ‘oh actually it’s not really our policy to give out discount codes’

SCREW OFF LA. where got this kind of attitude one.

although a few days later, they did send out a 15% discount or something like that by email. i suppose too many people were affected and pestering for service recovery discounts haha. strength in numbers baby.

regardless, their customer service has only deproved. at least last time, my emails get answered in a few days, with an impersonal, standard template email address that particular theme of concern. now leh? COMPLETELY IGNORED! you know how much effort i take to write a complain email with the worried state that i am in, fearing that my parcel will be lost and i will be held responsible for it??? and they don’t even bother to reply.

so i call them. i call them every freaking night at 1030pm SG time when their call centre has just opened at 630am. and they tell me they will get it done, but never do until a few more calls later. i even have to CALL just to confirm they got it done. cannot send me email one, these technology-retarded people.

right now there is a problem with their credit card ordering system on the online website. it has been pretty much down since wednesday when i first tried. and i’ve been calling them every night to ask why i’m unable to order because my “billing address isn’t verified”. they tell me “oh we’re working on the issue. try again in 24 hours”

when i try again, STILL NOT WORKING.

damn frustrating because all the things in my basket are starting to sell out and i have to email people back to tell them. wah laooooo this f21 make my life SO DIFFICULT.

yes it would be easier not to order from them at all.

but wouldn’t it be so much easier, and beneficial for the greatest number of people, that forever 21 just buck the fuck up and get the job done????


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  1. Hello! i was googling and came across your blog. i have ordered from F21 via priority international to australia but usually it takes 2-3 days to ship out my order but it has been a week. i tried calling them but i cant get thru! can you please tell me how you managed to call through gmail for free because international calls here from australia is very expensive! and yes i agree their service is terrible and they are so damn inefficient!!! Makes me so angry. and may i know if you did finally get your order?? I’m thinking of cancelling my order for a refund.

    • hi jamie!

      oh i called them using gchat, which is on the left side of the gmail page. you can dial +1 and then put their customer service number at the back, then it’ll be free! totally get how you feel but dont worry, just call them and keep pestering them until they can give you an answer. i did get my order in the end though it was a long wait and alot of frustrating phonecalls :/

      good luck! hope you manage to get your order soon!! let me know if you’re still unsure about anything else!



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