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i never thought i’d say this,

but i am officially addicted to Starbucks.

i could never have imagined myself being hooked on overpriced coffee, or ever frequenting these coffee joints that are usually full of noisy and rowdy people and completely unconducive for studying.

but over the past year, i found myself heading out to study more often, and actually enjoying it because of so many things put together: the aircon (room at home no aircon, deprived ttm), the company (even rowdy teens around me that i can people watch when i get bored), the nice drink, and the chillax music (though on bad days, i really feel like smashing the speakers).

given that the aircon, company (rowdy teens every damn where), and chillax music are constants,

the factor that really influences my decision of which coffee joint would pwn, is the drinks.

and really, after trying so many different types of drinks from every where, i’d have to say that i enjoy those at Starbucks the best. both for variety and quality, with the exception of the Earl Grey Tea Latte- absolutely yucks!

my favourite would have to the the java chip mocha ice-blended frap!

i also like the peppermint xmas drink but they no longer have it ))): another favourite is the hot green tee latte!

and 2 days ago, upon consulting fellow Starbucks-addicts Nash and Cassy, i decided to get the Starbucks card! silly me, i don’t know why i didn’t get it in the first place!

basically the card is free, and it works like an ez-link card, where you have to top up cash (minimum top up is $10, but no minimum value remaining in the card for it to be valid), and every time you buy a drink it just deducts from that card!

even better, upon registering your card online, you get to redeem a free Tall drink of your choice! last night, after getting the card, i dreamt that i was exchanging it for a drink. LOLL omg so when i woke up today, i went to Starbucks again after school to get that free drink! shiok! ^^

plus, every 12 drinks you buy (no requirements on size or type), you get to redeem a Grande drink! if you imagine that you frequent Starbucks once a week, it’ll only take you 12 weeks to get a free drink! if it’s twice, then 6 weeks! ok that’s a very long time, but from a Cassy perspective, you get approx 50 cents off each drink if you work it out!

assuming you redeem the Java Chip frap on the 12th drink,

that’s $6.20 / 12 = $0.52 cents!

can’t believe i’ve waste so much money all this while without the card…

plus, studying outside is usually because you’re studying with friends! and if your friends don’t own the Starbucks card, you can ask them to use yours so that you’ll get an automatic one up on the 12 drinks stamp list! awesome!! and extra awesome to have friends who don’t have Starbucks card, although by now maybe all my friends would’ve read this and gone and get their own… :/

thus, must make new friends HAHA

just kidding….

in addition to all that, you get a free slice of cake with a drink order during your bday month!

read more about the card here:

ok head is throbbing from excessive caffeine intake. can’t wait for the week to be over and TGIF to come because i’m going for my first buffet of 2011!!! it’s a jap buffet at Senki Japanese Restaurant, which is located at Killiney road! hope it’s good and my appetite would be ready for a gastronomic explosion of sushi, udon, sashimi and more sashimi!!! 😀


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