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as you may have seen on my twitter feed awhile back, i’m finally getting to go Korea this year!!!!

feeling oddly generous this year, my mum finally decided to agree to my constant bugging for a holiday to Korea. and since my brother was enlisting in May, we scheduled it such that we’ll be gone after his enlistment and back just when he comes out from the 2 week confinement! haha surprisingly, my brother didn’t throw a jealous fit about the whole arrangement. i would, if i was left in the gutters to face my impending doom at NS, while my family trips off for 8 days of awesome Koreaness.

but thankfully, and very luckily, i’m not my brother HAHA.

also even more shocking was the fact that my mum asked jeremy to come along! free of charge HAHAHA lucky shit!

anyway i’m just really thankful that i’m able to cross one of the countries off my places-to-visit-bucket-list this year, and i don’t have to break the bank for it at all, only just my (hopefully not too irrational) shopping at Dong Dae Mun. gosh, i really can’t wait to visit Lotte world, noob skate around their indoor rink made of REAL ICE (hah, suck on that MBS…), play somemore at Yongin Everland, buy lots of 1000 won (~SG$1) nail polish, wear a hanbok and camwhore, and learn how to make kimchi and apple wine!

for the more detailed itinerary:


another exciting travel plan lined up for this year is a beach holiday to Redang! hopefully it materializes, i’ve been eyeing many cute biginis on ASOS very longingly for a couple of months now, but never being able to use any of the 4 pairs that are lying around in my drawer at home.

and finally, since jeremy’s got his exchange to York uni in Toronto, i’ll be attempting to save up as much as i can to go to the USA BABY!!!!! i’ve been dreaming about New York ever since watching my first episode of Sex and the City, and having these dreams later intensified after watching and reading Gossip Girl.

sample sales galore, rolling around on the endless greenery of Central Park, posing on the steps of the Met, chilling out in a coffee shop (term referring to something like Starbucks, instead of the locally used context that refers to Kopitiam), looking out from the top of the Empire State, and posing outside (but not being able to afford anything inside) Tiffany&Co, Barneys,  and Bergdorf ❤


gosh what an exciting travel-filled 2011 it’s going to be!! now must start finding the energy to tutor more, shop less, and save MONEYYYY!

p.s. yes i’m abit emo about being boyfriendless physically (he’s very stern about how loosely i use the word ‘boyfriendless’), but i’ll leave the whining for the later half of 2011 😛

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