hits and (plenty of) misses

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i had a shot at golf last Tuesday when i decided to tag along with jeremy and his dad to marina bay golf club.

nope, never had the interest in the sport. not even the least bit. the only time i ever paid any attention to golf was when news of Tiger Woods’ collection of mistress hole-in-ones surfaced. hahaha nonetheless i decided to try it anyway, no harm in that!

gosh, to my horror, golf was actually a whole lot more tiring than i had expected! here i was thinking that golf is pretty much the least strenuous sport of all time, but after just a couple of swings, my arms were aching, and continued to do so over the next few days..

needless to say i had no natural talent at it. i found it extremely hard to keep my left arm straight while swinging- absolutely impossible. maybe my arms are just not made for golf 😛

hit a couple of embarrassing balls at the driving range, and being the only girl playing there. it was pretty obvious where those epic shots were coming from…

pose like a pro

hit like a noob - check out if you can see whether the ball flew too (yes it wasn't very far from the club...)

haha well, apart from the couple of pathetic shots. it felt somewhat exhilarating when the ball actually flew some distance away! addictive too, because i’d keep trying to get that same result! unfortunately, it wasn’t very reproducible 😛

lol in fact, before i started, i was thinking: chey! i can probably aim for 100m today, should be quite chicken.

but after 1 hour of playing, no where past the 50m mark…

still, i’d definitely go back again someday to hit more ballz! preferably on a weekday though: when it’s less crowded and embarrassing when i do stupid things.


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