a case of food poisoning

i’d almost thought that recess week would be one of those that would be filled a droning monotony of completing assignments and studying for tests. but i was wrong.

midweek turned out to be the most eventful of all:

after a 3 hour session of badminton with the guys, we had dinner at Clementi hawker centre. upon kenny’s recommendation, renard and i tried the famous prawn noodles – which turned out to be not bad! ronald returned from ordering his food with a plate of oyster omelette – a treat for us since he had recently acquired an internship at JP Morgan.

i love oysters, and so does renard. being the only two people in the gang who had successfully developed the acquired taste for them, we happily savoured the extra juicy oysters in between mouthfuls of prawn noodles.

later on that night we were watching Black Swan

natalie portman does not look like natalie portman in a single one of the Black Swan posters

i braced myself for all the gory scenes that were to follow, because i first got a shock while watching a fanmade trailer of it on youtube. but it wasn’t enough to expect a few more extremely traumatizing scenes, at which i simply watched bits and pieces of through my hands.

the lesbian scenes were overrated though. hahaha but it got pretty uncomfortable when ronald kept asking me innocent questions pertaining to those scenes. almost felt like i was taking my son to the movies without having the birds and the bees talk with him just yet.

nonetheless, i think it was a great movie. definitely deserving of an Oscar, or a few even. it was so rich with imagery and symbolism, almost like a lit book brought to life. natalie portman was fantastic as well, extremely extremely talented actress. it’s amazing how, with that much training, one can actually pick up ballet and perform it nearly as well as someone who has maybe done ballet all her life.

oh i just read that there were body doubles. hahahaha oops! but still, A for effort.

anyway, after that night. i awoke suddenly at 3am with the urge for a number 2. and i pretty much numbered 2 for the next 3 hours, at 10 minute intervals, until i was running a fever and feeling extremely faint. at 6am i projectile vomitted, and finally felt better enough to collapse in bed for the next 4 hours.

i spent the entire of thursday making frequent number 2s, because i had no Lomotil or Imodium at home. charcoal tablets and po chai pills did absolutely nothing for me. and by 2pm,  i was desperately pleading with my brother to go out and get meds for me. but as predicted, he refused ): (sometimes i don’t know why i even bother with a brother like him)

at 5pm , i eventually got my dad to get Imodium for me. and three magic pills later, my misery was ended and my ass was saved (literally)…

damn oysters. i’ve never had a problem until now. i swear there must’ve been some Salmonella crawling around in that plate of oyster omelette. turns out renard also contracted the same bad case of food poisoning, and even ronald who didn’t touch the oysters at all, had a mild case of diarrhea. what the hell man! definitely going to report the stall to NEA once i return to get the exact unit number. in any case, if you are ever at Clementi Hawker centre, DO NOT EAT THE OYSTER OMELETTE THERE.

on a side note, while Imodium is damn effective, i’m experience some very unpleasant side effects like dyspepsia and constipation now ): but definitely a lot better than uncontrolled diarrhea…

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  1. I have a lot of Imodium with me! Next time I will go to your house at 3am to give you! And I also happen to be studying about salmonella. lol.


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