the halfway mark

recess week is here once again.

half a semester has passed, and although most of us didn’t get started on the right foot (at least i didn’t with pharmacokinetics and pharmacotherapy), we’re kind of resigned to the fact that no matter how hard we work, or slack, we’d never deviate that much beyond the CAP that we’ve painstakingly earned for the past 5 semesters.

so friends, it’s officially time to kick back and relax, while still pulling that slick mugger moves every once in a while when there is a need for pwning tests to boost egos. if the results suck, it really doesn’t matter. hospitals are still dying to accept  and bond you as early as they can. even those who don’t get bonded now shouldn’t fret, because there will always be a job waiting for you at the end of 4 years.

with just less than 3 semesters left till we face the real world, go do whatever it is you’ve always wanted to do:

get attached to a classmate, move into PGP with them, skip 4-6pm classes and read notes in your OTOT, find the time to read Cleo every month so you’ll always keep up with the trends, buy OPI shatter because it’s the next big thing, spend an inordinate amount of time painting your nails with rainbow colours because schoolwork is far too mundane to waste your time with, wear shorts to lab even though it isn’t allowed and your lab partner always complains it makes you look naked underneath the labcoat (although why would He be complaining, really?), play Bakery and Restaurant story in lectures,

live life!

and now i return to starting on my science of music essay…

all that about living life, easier said than done… 😛


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