vday part 2 / the epic surprise

part 2 of the grand celebration took place on Saturday night, after i was done with my day’s worth of studying.

decided to explore the indie district of Singapore, where the streets are just oozing with poetic imagery and all other empty spaces occupied by groups of people smoking shisha.

yes, i am referring to the Haji/Bali lane area next to Bugis (as if i needed to explain that to a generation that is all hyped up over the indie culture). it was such an eyeopener though, because i’d never been to the place at night. we literally walked through an entire street filled with heavily made-up acrobats juggling neon lights that were strapped to various shapes of wire structures. very very cool. at the same time, we happened to walked past a razor tv reporter interviewing someone about the street event HAHA. let me see if i can try to find the cameo appearance.


DAMMIT we were so close. i swear we were walking behind at around 1:07 when they were interviewing that woman but they probably cut her interview, and us along with it. anyway, turns out, i just realized that we completely intruded a guests-only event HAHAHA!!!

anyway, we made our way back to Arab street for dinner at Nasrin. and since every other table was smoking Shisha, i decided to be a naughty girl and give it a shot. more on that later. but first, the food!

a nice display of the pita bread with hummus in the centre!

still cant quite put a taste to hummus. it really does taste like hummus and no other.

really yummy chicken wings marinated in some special sauce that made it taste damn good! meat was abit too dry and hard though

right. now about the Shisha:

the only reason why i was willing to try it was because it was not stinky unlike the pungent smell of regular cigarette smoke. and if life is so short, surely you have to give both a shot to know what’s bad for you and shouldn’t pick up right?

to be honest, i don’t understand why people enjoy Shisha at all. even while inhaling really deep, the lightheaded sensation had a relatively slow onset that seemed to come about only after 45 mins of inhaling the double apple (there were mango, guava, strawberry, coconut and more to choose from) flavoured smoke. even then, i would say that it takes too much effort to achieve such a mellowed sense of euphoria. its therapeutic window was also very narrow, because the lightheaded sensation was shortly replaced with an overwhelming feeling of nausea that i had to endure until i reached home and expelled the contents of my dinner out.

overall, the experience was somewhat enlightening, albeit unpleasant. it costs $14 for an unlimited session of Shisha- until you get sick i suppose. but it’s definitely not something i’d do again, ever.

fast forwarding to the actual day: feb the 14th. that is today,

after being screwed over by PK test, i lugged myself home in preparation for another 5 hours of mugging notes for yet another test the next day. showering off the muck from being in the blazing heat the entire day, i was just settling down with a cup of white coffee and looking at notes for Hypertension.

then i hear my dad open the door. normally he’d make a racket whenever someone was at the door. so i found it odd that despite the 5 seconds that passed since he closed the door, there was no sound from his mouth announcing the identity of the person whom he opened the gate for.

but before i could process that thought fully, this person just walked into my room.

at first, i thought it was my brother coming in to disturb me as usual.

but this person was carrying flowers.




wahahahahahahahaha it was jeremy the sneaky boy! he msged me a little earlier that afternoon, “ttyl i’m going to swim in NTU” and suddenly the next thing i know, he pops up in my room! HAHAHA joke! thank goodness he didn’t have a camera when he walked it, because the expression on my face must’ve been extremely priceless.

ironically, i was walking past a florist in Holland V on the way home today and being ashamed of myself for thinking that flowers are such an overrated, and surely, overpriced gift for an occasion like today, yet i’d still be a glad recipient of them if anyone even had the thought to give it to me LOL!

and the mystery of why my dad was quiet the whole time: it was because when he opened the door to find jeremy waiting outside, the sneaky boy gestured ‘SSSH!!!’ to him so he wouldn’t give it away! LOLLLLLLL. life is full of epic moments i tell you…

oh goodness, what a unexpectedly memorable Valentine’s day, feel very blessed and thankful for the person i got to spend it with, even if only for a little while today (: (yea, the nerd i was had to get back to studying for tml :/)


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