vday part 1

when circumstances are so unfortunate that there are two tests falling on the 14th and 15th of feb, one has to improvise and think of a better way to celebrate feb the 14th.

going along with the idea that everyday should be Valentine’s day, we decided to break feb 14 up into a 3-part celebration 😀 none of which would compromise my performance in the upcoming test. in other words, it was Vday nerd-style yo!

on friday, we studied at Vivocity’s Pacific Coffee Company for while before going , on foot, to Sentosa! yes, as you may have heard, the new Boardwalk just opened 2 weeks ago and visitors who walk to Sentosa can get in for only $1 (compared to $3 previously).

walking isn’t too unpleasant either, because the entire bridge is filled with lots of flora and fauna as part of the Sentosa Flower exhibition. overlooking points along the bridge also gives you the opportunity to soak up the sea breeze and take lots of scenic shots- something you absolutely won’t be able to do even on the renown Helix bridge.

overcast skies, and the subsequent drizzle wasn't an issue too, because there's sheltered walkway, complete with travelators for the lazybums!

the entire walk took us about 15 minutes. but other than the plants and seaview, there isn’t much to do. prior to this, i read that the Boardwalk did have shops (yes, ironically, that was the magic word that got me all hyped up about making a trip there in the first place). unfortunately, all i saw was a wine shop that had yet to be opened…boringggg

flora and fauna ain't my thing though..

eventually we got lazy and decided to travelate all the way to the end, where there are gantries for you to enter sentosa either by ez-link card, coin, or a purchased ticket- all $1 only (:

inside, we spent a long time in Candylicious with all the visually appealing candy. but i realized that i’ve pretty much lost the interest in eating them. as a kid, i used to be so hard up on snacking bars after bars of chocolate, or a tube of mentos a day. but now, when i get chocolate from people, i tend to get sick of it really quickly and leave it in the fridge for all of eternity until the expiry date is long over.

am i getting old?

nonetheless, jeremy bought 3 bars of chocolate for fun. and as predicted, half a bar of milky way is sitting in my fridge because i got sick of eating it last night and won’t be craving chocolate for the next month or so.

instead, all i bought from Candylicious was this!!


recentlly threw away my pseudo pillows: spongebob and mogu cushion. the former looked more like black-bob and the latter was leaking styrofoam balls. so finally finding a replacement for them really cheered me up (:

matching Toms!!

btw, my saddle bag order for Cath Kidston USA failed to process, so i decided on Toms as a Valentine’s day present instead!! best pair of shoes i’ve ever worn! i got mine online for $77, considerably cheaper than the $90 a pair Pedder Red sells for. influenced the boy to buy Toms also, so he can be a trendsetter in school (as of now, there isn’t anywhere that sells authentic Toms for guys)!!

Toms are really really comfortable and light! they encourage you to take a smaller size from the shoes you normally wear because the canvas stretches over time to fit the shape of your feet. so after 1 day of wearing them out and having achy big toes at the end of it, they fitted absolutely well the next day (:

dinner at Baits (by Din Tai Fung) was satisfying- a change from the normal places we eat out at. we actually ordered chinese dishes and rice, like a proper zi-char meal haha! other than the famous DTF xiao long baos (never knew they were a michelin star dish), and their chili oil dumplings, the other dishes we had were so-so only. wouldn’t recommend you to specially go there for the food though. normal DTF, aplenty on our mainland, is good enough.

after dinner, we embarked on our mission to relocate a specific location on Sentosa that was exceptionally memorable! i’m not telling you where though, because it would ruin it. anyway, it had been relocated to somewhere else in the Imbiah walk and we were almost devastated when we couldn’t find it in it’s original location! but then, there it was!!! the same as we left it 14 months ago. nostalgic moment to the max haha!

took the monorail back at the end- you see why it’s more worth it to walk there for only $1 and freeload a monorail back? was immensely exhausted from all the walking anyway. luckily i had my heart pseudo-pillow for a good night’s sleep (:

thus, concluding part 1 of the 2011 three-part celebration!

part 2 of Valentine’s day has a pretty epic ending, and not in a good way:/ blog again soon 😛


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