she’s got wings

this year, we missed our annual Huat ah! day: a day that we decide (just last year) to wear red on CNY eve, and take lots of pictures of course.

instead, we’ve decided to move it down the calendar and have a themed-outfit for the upcoming Valentine’s day ❤

and what better to encapsulate the spirit of Valentine’s than cupid’s wings! all i can think of, when i think about wings, are not the boring tiny ones that you see on cupid’s back.

in fact, i’m thinking about these:


the problem, however, is that it would be completely unfeasible to wear joke of a thing like that to school, or anywhere, for that matter. hahaha just imagine having to squeeze through lecture doors, only to park 4 pairs of wings at the side of the LT just so we can sit down comfortably for lessons. hilarious!!

nonetheless, a fantasy is a fantasy. and in my dreamworld, i choose this pair of wings!

so cute! although i wouldn't wear a balloon skirt to school...

kaye can have this since she loves playing the guitar…

it's a harp because it's Vday-themed rmbr?!

suelynn can have this and frighten herself all day thinking that the butterflies are real.

and cassy, because she’s tough to love,

awww 😉

damn, now i really wish i had one of these HAHA


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