the Wedding Girl

who knew Sophie Kinsella wasn't her real name?!

yea, i’m a real sucker for chicklit, and Twilight. and i have another recommendation for a good chicklit read to take the stress off this semester!

Sophie Kinsella, author of the famous Shoppaholic series has come out of her closet while still riding on her success, to declare that she’s actually called Madeleine Wickham in real life (now that i think about it, Sophie Kinsella sounds pretty made up..). this Madeleine Wickham person actually wrote some books prior to the Sophie Kinsella era, and now these books are being re-issued while people still know her as an author.

however, the style of writing on the Wickham series of chicklit differs alot from that in the Kinsella chicklit. i actually found it surprisingly more enjoyable to read. the Kinsella series tend to border on a bunch of helpless girls who cannot make up their minds and get themselves into alot of shit before having an epiphany and realizing that the solution to their problems has been staring them in the face all the while- Twenties Girl was one exceptionally annoying book. very pek chek to read sometimes but lighthearted nonetheless.

in contrast, an example of a Wickham book i recently finished was the Wedding Girl, and it has a very detailed and well-thought up plot that is completely unpredictable, unlike the mischief i can expect Becky the Shoppaholic to get up to.

there are currently 2 other books that i’ve yet to see in bookstores: Cocktails for Three and Sleeping Arrangements.


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