due date

there's an uncanny resemblance between Zach Gaslasindfk and the bulldog

intitally, the movie name and trailer led me to believe that it was about robert downey jr taking a road trip with his long-lost son, and how this trip helps to reunite the father-son bond that both of them never thought they had.

i was wrong.

like The Hangover, it stars Zach G. (won’t bother typing out a surname i cannot pronounce) and he is the epitome of inappropriateness. alot of inappropriate themes are explored to an inappropriate level in this movie. if you thought the baby wanking in The Hangover was bad, Due Date has loads of scenes that can trump that.

nonetheless, the dialogue is good- although you need to listen really hard because RDJ talks too fast.

worth a watch, i reckon, although please receive it with an open mind and a bowl of salt.


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