a bunny new year

the first 2 days of new year have come and gone, and all that i’ve been looking forward to a year has so quickly disappeared, except the angpao collection of course- the great thing about all the visiting is that it takes my mind away from shopping (both online and offline).

anyhow, the outfit this year was ordered a month in advance from asos.com! i hate the idea of having to rush around town at the very last minute looking for clothes, because the more you look for it, the harder it is to actually find it. therefore, i usually start scouting for outfits 2 months in advance, especially once all the sales start right after xmas.

thank goodness my dress arrived a good 3 weeks before the new year, and it served as a reminder to not binge-eat too much, otherwise there’d be a problem fitting into the dress come new year.

despite the recent passing of my aunt, all was status quo over at my maternal’s. haha people were wearing red- i totally should have gotten that red pantsuit from Topshop. angpao loot was also bigger this year because my aunts benefited significant portions of my aunt’s will.

my aunt who returned from HK also gave me two pairs of Links of London earrings as a (very) belated 21st birthday present! so pretty!!! now i have more real jewelry to choose from! besides, i do have a medically valid excuse for me to request for real jewelry over costume jewelry because the latter tends to cause inflammation after a day or two of continuous wearing.

purple and blues

with my cousin! who's favourite new pose involves the rockstar hand gesture

my brother the bamboo pole. btw his outfit- thanks to my help

spend alot of time on my uncle’s iPad, looking at their recent holiday photos (got me dizzy after digitally flipping the album for a while) and playing with the apps, and i realized that the latter is the only worthy thing about having an iPad. which is silly, really, because the iPhone can do the exact same thing except that it’s smaller. no point wasting $1K+ on a massive mobile phone that’s impossible to hold while travelling on a jerky bus/train.

the next day, jeremy replaced my brother (who had gone for strategic visits to his friends’ house on the quest for more angpaos) on second round visits to my grandparents. needless to say, they were absolutely beaming at the sight of him. even the senile grandmother seemed to focus all of her questions (albeit the same ones) on the subject of him.

how old?

is he working?

can he speak teochew?

when getting married?

5 minutes later, the same thing. hahahahaha.

the previous day was even better, at one point in time she asked my dad if i was my brother’s wife. LOL! somehow, she never seems to believe i’m part of the family at all.

with the paternal grandma. omg my hair is such a mess...

later on,

with the maternal grandfather. look how happy he is LOL

it finally hit me this year, that i only have approximately less than half a decade left to be receiving angpaos without feeling guilty for not getting on the bandwagon of marriage and offspring-producing. time passes too quickly, i still want to get angpaos every year and spend them on frivolous material things!

so i will slowly savour the once-a-year bonus from generous people, and start scouring the shops (both online and offline) for things i can use my angpao loot on!


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