banana choc chip muffins

another one of my solo baking adventures led me to experiment with a new ingredient: bananas!

jeremy has been bugging me for ages to bake banana chocolate chip muffins, which sound pretty intimidating to a baking noob like me, but after some research on Google, i found a recipe that looked easy enough to accomplish!

it’s a pretty awesome website btw, she has so many different recipes for each kind of cuisine! it’s damn amazing how one person can have knowledge of that many different kinds of dishes.

anyway, it took me 2 hours to bake a batch of 29 muffins! i expected more because i doubled the original recipe for 24 muffin, but forgot that it meant 24 MINI muffins. honestly, how mini can it go? mine already quite small what, any smaller and it’d be cupcake already.

also, it turns out the muffins were so awesome that everyone at home who taste-tested a muffin had a second helping because it was simply the most awesome thing that has ever emerged from this 30 year old oven. when i told them i only had 29 muffins that had to be rationed between us, jeremy’s family, and my eczema gang in school, they were pretty disappointed, but began to savour the delicious muffins more slowly.

learnt the trick, and importance, of garnishing!

btw, check out my new muffin trays! i think, so far, these are the cheapest and best quality trays i’ve seen! $8.90 for a tray with 6 holes from Phoon Huat! everywhere else sells theirs for $12 at least, ugh. very easy to clean and wash too!

the best thing you will ever sacrifice calories for

am gonna bake another batch of 30 this Tuesday, along with the well-reveiwed choc chip and macadamia nut cookies from the last time! can’t wait!

still find it hard to believe that 3 months ago, i’ve absolutely never baked in my life, and now i’m producing edible cookies and muffins all on my own! finally, i’ve discovered something i’m actually good (or relatively capable) at!


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