the ideal gift for Valentine’s

with Valentine’s day less than a month away, i was beginning to feel really stressed out while figuring out the best gift, or gifts, to make this year extra special.

yea yea i know what they all say about everyday being Valentine’s day and feb the 14 is just a lame day where consumerism rules and nobody really benefits but the economy. but like Christmas, what’s wrong with having another occasion to give presents to those who matter?

to avoid running the risk of expensive surprises gone wrong, the practical beings that we were asked each other what we’d like for Valentine’s day.

it’s funny how i already had a whole list of things i planned to suggest even before 2011 began, but he had absolutely none. it was already problematic trying to weasel a gift idea out of him for Christmas, and as you can imagine, just as exhausting to get him to think of something else only 2 months later.

to me, 2 months is a long time to not want anything at all! i want something new every single week! while i buy half of them for myself, that still leaves me with at least 4 new things that i want by the end of 2 months. HAHA! women…..

we literally racked our brains for an hour while enjoying cherry brandy and Kookie monster ice-cream at Daily Scoop for ideas. of course i’m not such a useless gf, i already had one idea which i will keep as a surprise, but i needed help thinking of a few more to complete my gift hamper lol!

in the end, he decided on a polo tee. and later that night, it occurred to me that i could get a Ralph Lauren polo for him! shipping RL from the US would is in fact so much cheaper, plus has more variety in the colours, than buying it in Singapore. so online shop it would be!

similarly, he managed to settle on one of my many options (completely avoiding the idea of anything related to Tiffany blehhh. just as Cleo magazine predicted: men are more likely to get you jewelry for your birthday rather than Valentine’s day, because to them, the former occasion is more special and thus, deserving of jewelry) and decided to let me choose something from the usa website of Cath Kidston.


it'll be so unique cos there are no Cath Kidston stores in sg! 😀

so despite the fact that we’ll be getting our presents only a week After the actual day, i’m still looking forward very much to it as the best Valentine’s day present ever (:


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