doing the nasty

this week, i find myself constantly trying to answer the age old question:

why do people cheat?

the reasons are aplenty: loneliness, lost of interest, revenge, insecurity.

but why not, instead of cheating, find other ways to deal with the situation?

if you are lonely, go out with some friends, play some monopoly deal. that’d ought to take the edge off things. if you’re still lonely, study.

if you have lost interest or find yourself wanting to take revenge against a partner who’s mean to you. simple: break up with them. cheating is like telling yourself you deserve better, but you’re only doing it half-heartedly. besides, getting caught would make you fully responsible for the decline of the relationship, and your partner, who was previously neglecting your needs and driving you to infidelity, gets off conscience-free.

if you are insecure, well, break up and find someone else who can do a better job of boosting your ego. there are loads of hot people out there with low self esteem, take your pick. rather than damaging the self-esteem of your partner who isn’t doing anything wrong except making you feel shitty about yourself. alternatively, i think having lots of fabulous clothes, or plastic surgery, can help to boost your ego more efficiently without having to cheat.

cheating is a very selfish thing to do to someone. it ruins their self-esteem, their trust in future relationships, and possibly driving them to pick up bad habits (drinking, smoking, etc.) that continue to hurt them in the long run.

sure, cheating has it’s benefits. but they are all very short-lived. i firmly believe in the saying ‘Once a cheater, Always a cheater

besides, if you decide to dump person A for third party person B because you feel like cheating has actually helped you discover your love for someone else, there’s no avoiding the fact that person B has the potential to cheat on you, because he/she obviously doesn’t respect the sanctity of a relationship when he/she decided to engage in a tryst with you in the first place. (confused? read it a couple more times and you’ll get it haha)

in conclusion, it still baffles me why some people would cheat. perhaps a commitment-phobe or a person who strongly subscribes to the practice of polygamy will beg to differ. but the greater majority of cheaters probably have no valid excuse for their actions.

shame on you.


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