going red, again

school has officially started and i am already feeling the strain of not having my precious 9 hours of sleep a day. i can’t imagine what it’ll be like once they throw in the tests and exams, first one falling on Valentines day ): if that isn’t enough, there’s another on the 15th, and then 17th. looks like there won’t be a Valentine’s day this year after all.

anyway i wanted a break from all the nonsense of school and headed to my place of refuge where i can just sit around for hours and read magazines like an aimless taitai:

Salon #1

ever since chubby brought me to try this place for the first time, this has become the only place i ever go to for my hair fixes.

initially, i intended to skip the pre-CNY dyeing of hair to save money and also save my damaged tresses from more damage. but the mind was weak, i was getting irritated with my unsightly black roots, and i decided that dyeing everything a dark colour would mask the fact that the lower end of my hair badly needed salvation.

best decision i made.

despite my regular stylist not being here, i decided to have a random stylist attend to me. he seem to know what i really wanted and dictated the two colours he’d thought would best suit my skin tone and colour preference of red. he matched a dark mahogany base with thin bright red (no bleaching needed) streaks interspersed evenly throughout.

it took a whole hour for him to get the highlights in. i think it takes a whole lot of effort to paint in highlights: it’s such a tedious process that involves picking up carefully parted segments of hair and selecting smaller segments to highlight so it doesn’t turn out like a fat patch of highlight. plus, you can’t change your mind or decide to be lazy and put in less effort after awhile because the highlights have to be very consistent everywhere.

respect, yo.

after what felt like another hour of waiting for the dye to set in, i finally got to wash my hair- my absolute favourite part of the whole process because of the shiok head massage they usually give.

this was the first time at Salon #1 that i was offered a cup of coffee! the only extraordinary drink i’ve been offered so far is tea, and it turned out to be horrid tasting chinese tea, so i opted for water each subsequent visit. but this stylist was so proactive he gave me the option of coffee! and it turned out to be white coffee, my absolute favourite!!! (though it shouldn’t have surprised me because hairstylists in Singapore are mostly from Ipoh)

haha i know it’s just coffee. but to me, the gesture was an example of quality service.

you know what else was quality service? after the wash, he said he was gonna help me curl my hair! and i thought he’d do the normal blowdrying- which i hated because it took ages to finish, and i could never mimic on my own at home. instead, he took out a heating tong and seriously tonged my entire head of hair for free (normally tonging costs about $25)!! his brows were furrowed throughout the whole process; anyone would be if they were inches away from a bloody hot tong.

that again, is called going the extra mile.

and that’s not all. while paying at the cashier, he gave me a 100ml and 75ml bottle of Loreal Vitamino Colour shampoo and treatment respectively FOR FREEEEE!

seriously damn shiok la, although i have a feeling i’ll get hooked on this expensive treatment and have to stock up my own supply of it next time, like heroin. but still, FIRST DOSE IS FREEEEE! HAHAHA

my hair is currently extremely red because of the insanely amount of highlights he did, you hardly even realize that there’s a mahogany base at all. it was bleeding alot of red dye as i washed my hair for the first time since yesterday at the salon, damn scary. like period gone out of control lolol!

anyway i give up perming my hair already. too much money wasted on something that barely looks any different and gives me a hell lot of trouble to maintain it. in fact, i’m going to find a good tong to invest in that will give me luscious curls like the ones salon #1 gave me for a day (: in fact, they were so luscious that a Sephora salesgirl approached me and asked where i went to do my perm. lol poor thing looked very disappointed when i said i had it tonged, tee hee.

my only regret was not asking the hairstylist for his full name. he wrote “CK” on the receipt, which i’m very doubtful that anyone would know who i was referring to if i walked in the next time and asked for “CK” haha.

no pictures because as i am typing this, my luscious curls are gone and i feel abit mournful for their loss after washing my hair )))):

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