ipoh day 3

the first highlight of the day was a trip to eat at the famous “yong tau foo under the tree”. and i kid you not, the stall is literally under a few large trees.

this ytf is very different from the one i am used to eating. they mainly sell fried ytf, which is best eaten together with their assam curry noodles. but because the ytf were all fried and brown, i really couldn’t tell the difference between the different baskets of ingredients.

don't have my favourite seaweed chicken, or sausage ):

the assam curry noodles. not bad but very spicy!

failed to appreciate why this ytf was any more special than the conventional arts canteen ytf. i honestly prefer the latter.

after lunch, we sat in uncle henry’s BMW and began our ascent to the peak of Cameron Highlands. there are two things, when combined together, make me absolutely sleepy: a moving car, and air-con. so needless to say, i wasn’t awake much during the car ride up.

the ride was scary at first though, because there has always been numerous reports of car crashes at Cameron Highlands. and honestly, it is Very easy to crash. blind spots are aplenty, until the point where you’d have to horn at each turn, as a warning signal to a driver who may be going in the opposite direction downslope. the roads look like they’re only meant for one-way driving, but are actually supposed to be two-way. i was so afraid, despite uncle henry’s very experienced driving up Cameron Highlands, that something terrible would happen :/

thankfully, we made it all the way to the top in one piece!

at the highest peak!!

the drive up was at least an hour long. so my bladder was kind of straining to keep all the fluid in by the time we reached the peak. so i had no choice but to take a leak, army-style, in the freezing 12 degrees. i always seem to be taking a piss in unconventional areas when i go to malaysia..

on the way down, uncle henry also brought to visit a number of places that were along the way.

first was the watercress farm, where i had a drink of watercress + honey. pretty interesting i think, though it wouldn’t be my drink of choice if Gong cha were to list this as one of their menu options.

second was the visit to the Boh tea plantation. the view was spectacular from the little tea cafe they constructed that was overlooking the surrounding plantations.

such a smart concept for a cafe with all that wonderful scenery around

one out of the two tea centres they have in Cameron

the hills are aliveeee

surrounded by tea bushes!

and a trip up to Cameron Highlands would not be complete without tasting their strawberries!!

the verdict: korean strawberries are sweeter haha

also, a trip to the cactus farm where you can buy all shapes and sizes of cactus, including this one


impossible to buy one home, so just take pictures with them lor LOL

haha check this out! it looks, and feels, like a feather duster, but it's actually wheatgrass!

was terrified that the suspension bridge would go crashing down if i landed too hard

jeremy had a chance to drive the BMW for half of the journey once the roads were less treacherous and easier to navigate. he got to try changing gears using the manual function of the semi-auto car, and learn how to use the far and near beams to maximize illumination during night driving. hopefully this experience inspires him to love to drive, and aspire to drive a BMW (with me in the passenger seat of course :P)

for supper: another famous Ipoh horfun

apparently this dish was previously served in another location, where you had to wait at least 1 hour to be served a bowl of piping hot horfun. coincidentally, when we arrived in Ipoh, the stall had relocated and has now expanded into a restaurant called Taste Good. this particular dish is called wa dan hor in Cantonese, which means to describe the horfun as being very smooth and with egg in it.

the texture is slightly smoother than the normal horfun in Singapore, which makes it easier to slurp down. but essentially, the gravy tastes almost the same, with the same starchiness as that in Singapore. got abit gelat after awhile. possibly also because i was freaking full from the 5 course dinner at Kok Thai restaurant earlier (also damn shiok).

waiting time for this was half an hour. very unacceptable for an impatient Singaporean’s standards. it took them half an hour to serve me my drink, and the 3 bowls of horfun we ordered arrived at 20 minutes interval apart. seriously need to buck up on efficiency man.

the boy was particularly satisfied because he had been craving for this dish ever since visiting Ipoh 4 years ago

went to bed with a bulging but happy belly for the third, and last, night in Ipoh. god, i really miss Ipoh food right now…


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