ipoh day 2

the day started off with dim sum breakfast at Foh Sun, easily remembered because it’s a grand looking two-storeyed building- a rare sight in Ipoh. there was so much to eat, and i got to try alot of new dimsum dishes like water chestnut jelly (weird..), handmade fishballs, and some funny meat with century egg sandwiching it.

overall though, dimsum is one of the few food dishes in Ipoh that lose to Singapore. without a doubt, Singapore’s dimsum is wayyy better.

Ipoh sunway lagoon was a 15 minute drive from wherever we were. the entry fare cost us 38 RM, and an additional 10 RM for locker rental (comparable pricing to the $18 you pay for Wild Wild Wet entry in Singapore)

strangely, when we got there, the place was totally deserted except for 3 visitors and a couple of lifeguards.

how often do you get an empty pool all to yourself in a public place?

it was so different from the typical packed theme parks in Singapore!

take Wild Wild Wet for instance, where each turn on the water slide is painstakingly earned only after at least 15 minutes of patient queuing. but at sunway, we were taking slide after slide after slide, until at the end of it, i was abit breathless and shaky because my poor heart didn’t have time to recover from each burst of adrenaline. my butt also became sore because of consecutive wedgies incurred from the force of rushing down steep slides.

we sat on a total of 5 slides. first one totally freaked me out because the descent was steeper than i expected, and the rush at the end of the slide gave me a very bad wedgie. ow! however, i was better prepared for the next 4 slides, which were side by side and ranged from black hole (inside is pitch dark), to closed, to semi-closed, to open. i liked pitch dark one the best because i could just close my eyes and not know what was going on hahaha.

although it seemed to me that for the next 3 slides, my eyes were closed most of the time but mouth open very wide with shrilly screams escaping uncontrollably at each sharp turn.

i really hate thrill rides.

spent the next hour or so soaking in the hot spring pools. i suppose they’re were real (with minerals in the water and all), because there are so many hot springs in Ipoh (thanks to the abundance of mountains nearby), so no reason to fake us in a reputable place like sunway.

the foot spa, one of the four hot spring pools. this one is 42 deg and has little pebbles on the floor for you to massage your feet

there were a total of 4 different hot spring pools, with temperatures ranging from 42 to 45 degree celcius. it took me a whole 10 minutes to equilibriate my body temp with the surrounding scalding water. and you’re only supposed to stay inside for 15 minutes at any one time hahaha. there was also this artificial cave with temperatures of 45 deg, but it was easier to wade in there from the pool (42 deg) i was already in. it’s like a sauna in there, and they only allow you to stay in for 5 minutes max. the top of the cave is also activated every half an hr or so, and a geyser pops out of it, reaching a height of about 5 metres! i thought it was a pretty cool sight because i’ve never seen a geyser before!

also stupidly walked around the shiok river for 15 minutes without a float (need to rent). thighs were totally aching by the end of the resistance walking.

after showering, oh yes btw check out their toilet

open-concept peeing yo! felt so insecure even though i know no one will be walking past, but you never know man...

the showers also had a row of open-concept toilets. but of course i picked the one with all four walls for maximum privacy…

anyway, even though there were a couple of theme park rides over in the land park, we didn’t sit on any of them because it felt abit spastic having them activate an entire Viking ship for just the two of us. it would be even more spastic when i am the only one screaming the loudest in the entire land park…

instead, we went to visit the Petting Zoo, which proved to be the highlight of the trip, and possibly my entire life experience of visiting a zoo.

when you think about Petting Zoos, you will expect to find the very common animals like bunnies, guinea pigs, goats, horses, and ponies. and often, these animals are hiding out wayy too far away in their exhibit for you to pet them at all. therefore, it really surprised me to find racoons roaming around on overhead planks, all yearning to be touched in exchange for treats.

meet Felix the Racoon!!!

i was taking photos of all the dangling Racoons when the zookeeper sneaked up behind me and placed Felix on my shoulder AHHH hahaha!

racoons are so cute!!! who knew they’d be tame enough for a petting zoo! although in the process of feeding them later, one of them got pretty desperate and my entire thumb and forefinger, which were holding on to the treat, went into its mouth. thankfully i managed to extract my fingers, and both managed to escape unscathed except for a piece of Jade is the New Black OPI nail polish that was scraped off by the racoon’s sharp teeth. not my fault hor. although i hope it doesn’t die…


so cutez! i want to bring a guinea pig home!

we also bought food to feed them but they weren’t exactly as responsive as the racoons. and every time i touch the guinea pigs, they’d freak out and run away. so i guess not very fun to own a guinea pig as a pet after all huh.

damn cute!

with a calf?

and now, here’s the funniest animal i’ve ever seen in my life

the praire dog!!!

this is the first time i’ve seen this animal. and it’s really freaking hilarious!!! it’ll be doing it’s own thing, when suddenly it will just switch into this surprised position and hold it there for as long as 5 seconds for no reason at all. and this happens at 20 second intervals. cracks me up every single time!!

check this video out. it got the praire dog really famous and people were spoofing it from all things darth vadar to Dr evil demanding for ransom

i wanna see your peacock, cock, cock

touching a python, and fearing that it would wake up and bite me in the next second

didn't dare touch it. hate all things lizardy..

noisy quacking ducks that acted like a security system to ward off incoming visitors. they would literally start charging at us if we got too close!!

ferret with a permanent grumpy face!

porcupines! obviously cannot touch...

next came the most epic visit of all to an aviary! we bought bird food for 1 RM the birds totally went crazy and start swooping around us the moment we entered. eventually, after the zookeeper taught us how to feed the birds with an outstretched palm (and bird food on top of it), we began the feeding of the frenzied birds.

priceless expression...

absolutely hate it when this heavy pigeon swoops in for it's share of food and chases the little birdies away

many peters and pauls

this particular bird reappears in most of our pictures! it so friendly that it will just fly over and land on your palm even if there is no more food on it!

i'm amazed at how close i've got to the birds to take such a beautiful shot of them

and check out this one-of-a-kind bird that's more vibrant than the usual parrots you see!

ahhh what a memorable encounter with that many birds. definitely one of the things about this trip that i enjoyed thoroughly and will never ever forget.

after a good washing of our hands, we bade goodbye to sunway- a place that turned out to be so unexpectedly fun despite how desolate it is.



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