ipoh day 1

it’s tragic to be back, but i’m thankful that i had the opportunity to take a short holiday out of Singapore before facing another semester of mundane mugging.

i’m glad i skipped the 3 days of school for Ipoh though, because i had so much fun there. i am honestly surprised i had fun though. i was totally expecting the very worst when all the feedback that i had from people who visited Ipoh centered around the fact that there was absolutely nothing to do in Ipoh except eat good food.

contrary to popular belief, and as long as the right people bring you around, you not only get to enjoy good food, but also other exciting sight-seeing opportunities!

there’s so much to talk about and i don’t want to rush through 4 days of morning-to-night packed activities, so i’ll first start off with this entry detailing what we did on day One!

woke up at 6am in the morning to be at the airport for our 9am flight. it was the first time i’d been in the budget terminal and i’m quite disappointed with the whole “budget” feel of the place… it’s new after all, and i’m sure plenty of people frequent it daily, but why is there such a great disparity between terminal 3 and the budget terminal?

it was also my first time sitting on a budget airline, and as afraid of flying as i am, i was even more freaked when i saw that the Firefly plane was roughly 1/3 the size of the Airbus.

the size of a private jet

needless to say, every time the plane flew through a bunch of clouds, it would be sent into turbulence. i took abit of time on the 1.5 hour plane journey to study the rest of the 40 passengers on the plane, and i was sure i didn’t want to be stuck in a Lost situation with them for the next few months, plus years of warped infinite time and space once we discover the hatch that contains the time machine, should the plane crash…

so luckily, as i’m evidently sitting here typing this, the plane did not crash.

another misconception amongst Singaporeans, and some Malaysians, is that you can only drive up to Ipoh. however, Ipoh does have it’s own tiny airport, the Sultan Azlan Shah Airport, which receives about 2 flights a day from Singapore, and maybe other places also i’m not sure. it’s a hundred times worse than budget terminal though, architecture is majestic, but interior is badly maintained. no DFS either :/ it’s really just the basics: a few airline counters, travel agent office, airline ticket sales, and a mini cafeteria selling food that would make Ipoh look bad.

finally, our first Ipoh meal of the day

Shredded Chicken and Prawn Horfun

what struck me about the traditional Ipoh horfun, is that it’s very very different from the normal horfun you eat in Singapore, where it’s brown and thick and starchy. the Ipoh horfun is white and glassy, and has a smooth texture. it’s also much easier to pick up with chopsticks, and melts in your mouth easily when you chew it. this is the one noodle i’ll miss from Ipoh, because you can’t find it here in Singapore ):

i love how food is so cheap in Malaysia too. a big bowl of that horfun only costs 3.80 RM, which is about SGD $1.70. CHEAPER THAN SCHOOL FOOD!

and like true blue Singaporeans, when we are not asking for good food, we’re asking for good places to shop. unfortunately, there are only 2 shopping malls in the whole of Ipoh. to me, that’s just depressing…

they drove us to one of the malls, Jusco, which is right next to Tesco. the latter is more like a hugeass mega mart, which is the size of the Giant in Tampines. Jusco has a mixture of retail shops, including mainstream brands like Adidas, Faceshop, Mango, and Guess. but the prices aren’t cheaper than Singapore so i didn’t bother buying anything. the rest of the apparel shops weren’t very competent with the fashion trends in Singapore, so again, nothing much to buy.

instead, we had ice-cream haha

overpriced baskin and robbins ice-cream

after boring ourselves at the mall, we were driven to chill at another relative’s house.

in a non-land-scarce place like Ipoh, the houses that people live in are usually semi-Ds. and for just 500,000 RM, you can buy yourself a semi-D with a sprawling garden, and a very spacious interior. we went house visiting a couple of times in the first 2 days, and all 5 houses i’ve seen are bigger than the terraces in Singapore that are worth a million at least.

i’d build my dream holiday home in Ipoh too, but only after Topshop has opened it’s first branch there.

anyway, the relative who’s house i was at has a real fetish for flashy vintage cars. very cool to hipxiong with! haha!!

the pink jaguar convertible parked in the frontyard

some people were already suggesting ideas for us to come over to Ipoh for a wedding ceremony, where this car could be used as the flashy wedding car that no one will forget. i hope they don’t expect me to take the idea very seriously…

and with the yellow transformers-looking jeep parked outside their office

anyway, on the first night of Ipoh, we had chicken and beansprouts for supper!

damn shiokkk

the chicken is also very different from the ones we eat in Singapore. i think they use some special wild breed of chicken, with meat that is slightly tougher than the normal chicken. i definitely prefer this to the breast meat of Singapore chicken, though after a couple of mouthfuls, it gets rather tiring to chew on it.

bean sprout! very very fat and crunchy

to digest, we took a stroll along the streetside pasar malam, where i found fake Ray Bans for 10 RM! so cheap…i really regretted not buying another pair! ):

alas, day 1 ended with a terrible sleep on a bed i wasn’t accustomed to. but day 2 picks up as we head to Sunway Lagoon Ipoh!!

will be back for another update soon! meanwhile, have to get ready for school that starts at freaking 8am in the morning ugh…


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