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i backordered this from lovebonito a month ago, and i was extremely excited for it to arrive because it’ll be the first maxi skirt i’ll own!

so yesterday, i wore it out for a spin! although, later i realized that the skirt is so heavy that i couldn’t get it to take off from the ground much despite spinning around like a dizzy idiot.

nonetheless, wearing a maxi skirt is pretty cool! you don’t need to worry about sitting properly or feeling cold in a cinema. plus, i love the swishy feeling of the skirt around my ankles when i walk. however, the trouble comes when it’s time to visit the loo, or when it rains, or when it’s hot, or when you walk up stairs, or on the escalator where there is a very big risk of some part of the skirt getting caught and everything falls off by the time you are off the escalator. all of which (EXCEPT the last one) happened in the same day -.-

anyway, we were at Sun with Moon for lunch (:

perhaps not the best jap food, but definitely features my absolute favourite Japanese dessert, and pretty much the whole category of Desserts actually, of all time.

the mini matcha parfait! $5.80

you MUST TRY THIS! even if you aren’t having a meal there, you can just drop by for dessert!

Wagyu Hamburg & Tori $21.80

the wagyu beef patty was good! the cheese and the beef totally melts in your mouth om nommmm! chicken was abit dry, though i really liked the cripsy layer of the chicken skin.

Tonkatsu Toji & Tofu Salad (not in the picture duh) $17.80

both meals come with coffee/tea/green tea, chawanmushi, soup, salad, fruit and 2 mochi balls covered with azuki bean (not very nice)

what i love about sun with moon is the variety of dishes they give in a set meal. it’s not just one huge portion of something, but little different dishes on the same huge tray- makes eating so much more interesting! their chawanmushi is one of the best i’ve had! there is just so much flavour in the egg, which i think is attributed to the cut pieces of chestnuts they added.

enough of food, i seem to be having wayy too much good food the past few days. and definitely more to come when i’m in ipoh for 4 days. that’s why i’m desperately trying to lose weight via badminton before i pile on all the weight from hor fun and dimsum next week!

after lunch, and a brief gaigai around town where this time, it surprisingly wasn’t me who bought new clothes :P, we headed to Botanic Gardens for an afternoon stroll!

for me, it was the chance to practice more dslr photography with plants and nature.

i’ve always had the policy that scenic photos are never really complete if there isn’t a human object in the photo. let me show you what i mean:

take this photo for instance: yes, it is a great shot; very serene and natural

but add the object, and you get this

nice (:

something i've always wanted to try with a maxi skirt!

but trust me, it felt like a hundred degrees inside the skirt- consequence of being hiao.

after that, i felt very sorry for the bride who has to trudge all around the garden in the afternoon heat just for a couple of scenic shots. when i get married, there would be mini bladeless fans installed underneath my Valentino gown when i go out for my garden photoshoot.

yumtum chinese cookies from the night before!

more home-made yumtums! this one i like!!!


outside the little bonsai garden

it’s gonna be a long while before we get back! but when we do, i will definitely not be wearing the maxi skirt again..


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