a mellow new year

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unlike the past 4 years, which were spent jostling with the crazy NYE crowd at prime locations where one can get a fantastic view of the fireworks, we decided to kick back and take a chill pill this year. you know you’re getting old when the cons (DISGUSTING SWEATY BODIES RUBBING AGAINST MY CAREFULLY MOISTURIZED SKIN) of being at a NYE countdown far outweigh the pros (chey! fireworks nia..every year also have)

instead, we hung out at auntie siew kim’s place, having lots of good food including roast chicken, pork ribs and aglio olio. with stuffed bellies, the cousins gave us a 20 minutes tour around their Bukit Timah neighbourhood, the land of the rich and famous. some of the houses there are just so insane, including one with 6 cars parked in their basement, and another with an elevator leading all the way up to the gym on its top floor. it was also quite interesting to walk past and kaypoh at the house of a minister, where there is literally a guardhouse stationed right outside with a uniform policemen standing guard. cannot play play man..

unfortunately, jet li’s house was too out of the way for it to be part of the tour.

ended the night with ice-cream and brownie/apple pie, and counted down along with channel 5. once the clock struck twelve, they popped opened a bottle of Martini Asti Champagne (it was 12.15 by the time they managed to open it) to officially celebrate the start of 2011.

the next day, we made our favourite Foccacia-Ham sandwich and brought it along for a picnic at ECP

weather was shit. first it drizzled, then it poured for about 10 minutes. but then it stopped and allowed us a good hour of basking in the blasting hot sun (bloody hell, all my whitening efforts gone to waste), before it started pouring again.

our toasted sandwich! which consisted of: Garlic Foccacia, with a piece of Blackforest Smoked Ham, two slices of Cow brand Cheese, tomato and lettuce

minute maid tropical fruit in a cooler - perfect for picnicking under the blistering heat of the afternoon sun

in the end it was too hot, i was cowering under my pink umbrella for the rest of the hour

later that day, we headed to Tampopo at Liang Court with the relatives again for dinner.

good food always finds its way into my life, and this time around, i was blessed with the opportunity to try the Best ramen in the whole of Singapore:

presenting: the black pork shabu shabu ramen

what i love about this is the pork meat. if you ever get a chance to try this, please don’t be stingy. get a double portion of meat for just $1 more ($15.50), because once you’ve popped the piece of pork into your mouth, you’ll be wishing you had more.

the pork is sliced into very thin pieces, and it's so tender that it just melts in your mouth when you chew it

definitely must try!! they wouldn’t call it the Best ramen for nothing! other than Liang Court, Tampopo has another branch at Takashimaya as well, you can go check it out!

what’s not worth trying though, are these

ginko nuts yuck! totally tasteless, bleah!

that ends a very memorable 1st Jan 2011! (:

anyhow, loads of things to look forward to this year! including the opening (FINALLY) of the rest of the circle line, the final movie of Harry Potter, Breaking Dawn Part 1, and hopefully, a holiday to KOREAAAAA.

bring it on, 2011.


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