2010, sorely missed

what a year. and because i’m lazy, and don’t want to bore you with the details, here are 10 of the most significant things that happened in 2010!

1. Universal Studios

with shrek and fiona!

not a fan of fast rollercoasters- to me, that is not my idea of “fun”, so it didn’t bother me that the Battlestar Galactica wasn’t opened when i went.

instead, i screamed my lungs out at the Mummy ride, the second scariest ride there was, and that was enough heart jolt for the entire day. nonetheless, i’d recommend you to visit because stepping into this place for a day really gives you the feeling that you’re holidaying in another country.

2. Lasik

all the hassle of having to put eyedrops every hour (only happens for the first month), to having a stash of emergency eyedrops in my bag all the time (if not have to buy), to feeling visually overwhelmed at night because of all the bright lights giving out halos and starbursts.

7 months on, i hardly ever need to put eyedrops anymore, i still have perfect vision (i’d like to think so), and i still enjoy the fact that when i open my eyes in the morning, i can see every thing with crystal clear definition. needless to say, i definitely don’t miss having a 12 hour limit on wearing my contacts before they start peeling themselves away from my eye, neither do i miss having to carry a silly bottle of solution  plus contacts case on holidays and sleepovers, nor do i miss the shitty feeling of trying to locate a fallen piece of contacts.

i’d say, it’s the best $2,600 my mum has invested.

3. Owning my first DSLR

i acknowledge my shame in selling out to the whole DSLR trend. but i don’t ever regret spending $700 on the camera. it has become my most prized possession, and the pictures in it are worth a hell lot more to me. am still a noob at photography in general, especially at night. but thankfully, the Canon EOS 1000D is a fairly simple point and shoot camera to help me out at night. however, i do resolve to research alot more on lenses and photography techniques to maximize all the functions of the camera before i will need to use it on my next holiday!

4. Celebrating my 21st birthday

alot of effort went into solo-organizing this party. the excuse my mum gave for not being more participative was that i’d need this experience to plan my own wedding in future. evidently, a ‘wedding planner’ did not exist in her time.

nonetheless, i found Food for Thought by some miracle after spending a few days researching hotels (too bloody expensive) and eventually, on Hungrygowhere with the help of its advanced filter to narrow down my search for places that serve western food, and with reasonable prices.

luckily, the party turned out to be a success (:

had so much fun and really loved all my presents, especially the Tiffany key 😀 😀

pharmacy pals at the party

melly and cassy! ❤

5. Perming my hair

from this experience i’ve learnt that:

a) my hair texture makes it impossible to hold a perm on its own without alot of effort on my part of constant twirling and putting in hair products.

b) the kind of curls that actresses seem to wake up to every single day are never possible to achieve without a personal hairdresser tonging it for them

c) is bloody expensive, $230 a time that lasts for only 2-3 months

d) my curling iron does a better job of curling than sitting 4 hours in the salon does

e) nonetheless, i’d do it again because i think i’d prefer it to straight hair any day

6. Preceptorship

the most tiring 6 week job i’d ever had. was really not used to standing for long hours, so every day was a struggle that would be relieved immediately once i spotted a vacant chair that i could sneak over to the pharmacy counter. even then, i had to rotate shifts and take turns with the pre-reg student to use the chair.

i did, however, learn alot from this experience. like how people can walk into Guardian and asks the strangest questions, usually always pertaining to their sexual wellbeing. and how some people have attitudes so bad they treat you like a lowlife salesperson regardless of your superior knowledge about medicines. of course, there are always the pleasant people you encounter and they remind me why i wanted to become a pharmacist in the first place.

7. Baking and Cooking!

the two things that i’ve never dared to try before, especially on my own. well, now i can proudly say i’ve attempted at least one of them solo style! 😀

making muffins in the oven at home (which has not been in use for 10 years, but i assure you, was still hygienic enough to be used :P)

the next baking attempt would probably happen right before CNY, hope that turns out well!

8. The Anniversary

here’s to many more! (:

9. Buffets, buffets, buffets

i’ve been to at least 5 different buffets this year! and it is with much effort that i’ve lost the weight that i gained in the process.

in my opinion the best buffet of all would be Carousel, followed by the English high tea at Goodwood Park. the former has a huge spread of international cuisine, and very good sashimi. despite the smaller spread, the latter makes up for it in terms of quality: with foie gras sandwiches, and the best kueh pie tee i’ve ever had in my life.

prawn and mango stuffed into a croissant from the English High Tea Buffet

looking forward to plenty more buffet opportunities in the year 2011! hopefully, The Line!!!

10. Marina Bay Sands

has to be the best staycation i’ve ever had! and also the best hotel i’ve ever stayed in.

swimming in the infinity pool definitely has to go on your own bucket list

in 2011, i resolve to

a) be prudent with spending money

b) not find loopholes to get past achieving a)

c) maintain a second upper honours CAP

d) be a better friend, sister, daughter

e) go on my first holiday with friends

f) stop cracking my knuckles

g) be realistic, and realize that f) is on my list of resolutions every year but i never seem to be able to do it


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