am on a blogging spree!

we visited the SPCA once again to scout for cute animals, although the cuter ones are almost always already pending for adoption by someone.

well, less words, more pictures, and you’ll be bound to melt in your seat after looking at these

you can see the texture of its nose!!! thats how good the dslr resolution is

husky with the different coloured eyes! one's blue, the other's black!

soft kitty

warm kitty

little ball of fur...

happy kitty

sad kitty

purr purr purr

awww i want a kitty in my house who sleeps next to me at night too! (:

so do i want a japanese spitz. but i’ll make it work…somehow

after SPCA, we went to watch Little Fockers!

little girl looks abit demonic..

sadly, it wasn’t as funny as the first two in the trilogy. humour was getting quite desperate to please at some point in the movie. have a feeling that most people watch it because of jessica alba, haha needless to say, she was damn hot in the movie! nonetheless, do watch it for completion’s sake haha, although i have a feeling there’s going to be a Focker the Fourth.

bought Gong Cha after them movie (Matcha milk tea with Azuki bean is DAMN GOOD!) and spent a good 4 hours walking around town, including a revisit to the “skypark” of Orchard Central, and this time, we realized there was actually a secret staircase that leads up to an extra level with so much scenic background for camwhoring!

going up the longest escalator in Singapore!

an entire viewing gallery, and the best of all is the FOC entry!

seriously no need to pay $30 to go up to MBS skypark already

had coffeebean breakfast for dinner! so worth it, had one-for-one on breakfast if you pay with coffeebean card. so we bought the coffeebean card and used it today 😛 but i’m sure it will come in handy over the course of next year and countless studying ):

salmon scramble! my favourite coffee bean breakfast!

was too geh kiang and decided to try Chai tea because it looked so yummy in my Bakery Story. but the medicated oil-like aroma was too overpowering for my liking. gave up after awhile and looted jeremy’s coffee. next time if its tea, i’m sticking with English Breakfast or Earl Grey.


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