party in the gen’s place

this is abit lag but too much has been happening of late and i need to take time to recount them all!

on xmas day, gen invited us to her annual xmas lunch party! this is pretty much my most anticipated xmas event of all because of the buffet!!! and more than half of the food is actually tediously home cooked by her family! so much effort! therefore, the food always tastes that much better than catered or outside food.


here’s a few dishes i remembered and truly enjoyed omnomnoming:

meesiam, chicken curry, spaghetti (chubby, got some parts not cooked…i had lumps of crispy spaghetti in my portion), calamari, beef, lamb, CHICKEN WINGS, pizza, tempura, TIRAMISU (baked by gen herself, and oozing with so much baileys. an alcoholic like me definitely approves), cut fruits, and carrot cake.

there was also a nespresso machine that someone kindly brought over and let everybody sample a cup of expensive coffee. so heartpain for him. if it were me, i’d be guarding the machine all day and making sure no one gets more than 1 cup of coffee. did you know that every single cup of coffee consumes one capsule? and you have to keep buying tubes of capsules once you run out. on the whole, i suppose it still adds up to be cheaper than drinking a cup of starbucks everyday, but definitely wayyy more expensive than old town white coffee mix.

frankly. i can’t taste the difference in the coffee. you could’ve told me it’s from a 3 in 1 mix and i would’ve believed you.

tee hee caught going back for a third serving

lol the chicken wings and mee siam damn nice!

festive santa hat and necklaces i kept from cassy's bday party

oops sorry i forgot to take a photo with you chubby! but there’s always next year 😀


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