everyone’s favourite time of year


it’s only the 2nd day of christmas so the greeting still counts! what doesn’t though is if you continue to make the most value out of the $5 charity miniature santa clips, reindeer antlers headband, or baubles-shaped earrings by wearing them out everywhere.

2010 is a year of most awesomes, and one of it happens to be the Most awesome christmas i’ve ever celebrated!

my own family is hardly one to revel in the festivities. everything at home is so low key that the grandest occasions only happen 4 times a year- on each of our birthdays. haha worse than the pathetic number of public holidays that Singapore gives its labour force.

when i was much younger, i recall having an xmas tree set up every year at home! and fake presents underneath the tree, but real presents given to us on the actual day of xmas. however, when the fake leaves started shedding, it was time to toss the tree, and along went the tradition.

so this year, i’ve been very fortunate to be invited to spend xmas eve with jeremy’s relatives.

i was there at 4pm playing wii for 2 hours until everyone arrived. played rockband until my biceps hurt- this can’t be a good thing, and then mariokart, which i suck at and should be regarded as a supporting excuse for my not learning how to drive.

finally, it was time to eat and there was so much food!!! excluding buffets, i’ve never eaten so many different kinds of meat in a single seating. there was turkey, ham, lamb, and pork ribs!

look at all the food!

this would also be the first time i’m having christmas turkey! the verdict? tastes just like chicken, but still yummy with cranberry sauce anyway!

and after dinner was cheese sampling time! also a first time putting that many different types of cheese in my mouth. thanks to prior mousehunting knowledge, i could better identify with the cheese names.

i enjoyed Gouda the best because of its unique crumbly texture! kinda reminds me of the egg yolk in your mooncake. Brie was also not bad. hated Blue Cheese the moment i found out that it’s called Blue because of the mould that grows on it (was eavesdropping on a cousin quizzing her 8 year old cousin). and with that, i had a mental picture of the disgusting microscopic image of mould that i had been acquainted with in year 2 sem 2’s MicroB module. but then the aunt distributing the cheese told the little kid, who simply refused to put mouldy cheese in her mouth, that enjoying the taste of Blue Cheese is an acquired one. so i sucked it up and had a second helping, determined to acquire that taste.

if i could do it for oysters, i can do it for Blue Cheese.

at the end of the 5-course cheese meal, the logcake was brought out 😀

from four seasons!

savoured every bit of the cake, and especially enjoyed the cripsy wafer bits that they mixed in with the chocolate cream. why, if i had my way, i’d have logcake all year round!

to aid with digestion, they kicked off the next segment of the party: carolling. song sheets were handed out and i relived the (not exactly very pleasant) memories of singing christmas carols every day for a month in kindergarten. it’s amazing how cooperative little children can be once you threaten to punish them with no playtime if they dont sing along.

nonetheless, i had fun singing along to the parts that i had lyrics for. haha we were singing along to the Corrine May xmas album, so eventually she would go on and on singing verses of the songs that weren’t printed on the songsheet, and everyone would break to continue their conversations with each other until the song ended.

at the stroke of 12, people wished each other merry xmas and began the next, and most anticipated, segment of the party: the gift exchange!

so surprised that even though i was a first-time guest, and completely unrelated to anyone there, they all actually included me in their gift list! i dont mean to be cliche, but i can’t deny that this feeling would have to be the best xmas present of all time. with that, i am very grateful.

as a bonus, i was also very happy with the presents i received! got two tees, Loccitane rose-scented handcream + body wash, a very colourful makeup bag, Isetan vouchers, and Taboo Asian edition!!!

it’s a funny thing with the handcream though, because i’ve been looking around for them due to the recent bout of eczema which has rendered my hands dry and scaly, especially if i don’t moisturize often. i got myself one tube of Summerhill from Crabtree and Evelyn 2 weeks back. and one day my mum came home with a xmas present from her boss: 3 more tubes of Crabtree and Evelyn handcream OMG. and now i have another Loccitane one that simply smells divine. looks like santa has really been taking my handcream wish very seriously this year..

the party ended close to 1am, and we went back, very tired but very very happy (:

next up will be an entry about gen’s xmas lunch! 😀


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