itchy for ichiban

two entries back, i mentioned that i wanted to blog about Ichiban Boshi.

if you haven’t heard of Ichiban Boshi, well, i don’t blame you because i hardly hang in the places that have Ichiban. i just googled them and realised how many restaurants there are in Singapore! must go to the one at Nex, once everyone decides it’s not worth travelling more than 4 MRT stops to just because it’s the newest heartland mall.

well anyway, what i really like about this place is its value-for-money ala carte sushi! i dont have the prices offhand to compare with Sushi Tei or Sakae Sushi, but relative to the former, it is cheaper, and relative to the latter, it tastes better.

thus, cheap and good!

so here are some dishes i’d recommend the next time you find yourself there!

the salmon salad! sorry very bad with jap names, as shown by my B grade for JS1101E, so i cant recall the name on the menu. i do recall numbers better though, this was $9.90!

ok edit: i found out it’s Kaisen Salad haha!

when you order salmon sashimi for $5.50 a plate, you get 4 pathetic pieces of salmon. but this salad gives you at least $10 pieces of salmon sashimi, plus crab meat, and tuna too!! one of my favourite salads of all time, because the sour sauce really helps to mask the bitter taste of some of the salad veges.

$3.90 Ebi Oyako

tried this for the first time that day, but i must say, that it tastes unexpectedly good despite the scary-looking dried shrimps lying around. the middle part has a tempura bit!

Salmon Avocado, $3.90 i think!

the salmon surface is grazed with heat so you get a cooked surface but raw underneath. together with the fish roe and tuna in the middle, it’s like a gastronomic bomb waiting to explode in your mouth!

Golden Catch $3.90

the taste varies depending on chef’s mood, and the amount of fish meat they stuff inside. so see whether you lucky lor. nonetheless, the cripsy things on top really go well with the (also) cripsy fish inside!

Pumpkin Croquette, $2.10

spicy mayo that you're supposed to dip the croquette into

MY FAVOURITE OF ALL TIME! the pumpkin filling is so sweet, and if you dip it in the spicy mayo sauce that comes with it:

ohmy….it’s sweet, it’s sour, and it melts in your mouth… simply love at first bite. i can’t not have meal at Ichiban without eating one of these fellows, covered with generous amounts of spicy mayo.

Garlic Unagi

i love unagi, and i love anything cooked with lots of garlic, so naturally, i loved this!

their udon is also very good. i love how the noodles are so bouncy and the soup is as addictive as those in cup noodles once you add in the chilli powder. yumyum!

overall, if we order dishes mainly from the sushi ala carte menu, the bill usually comes up to $20+ only! very affordable! plus, they also have free loyalty cards that give you a stamp every time you spend $20 there. and it’s super easy to redeem free things, i always seem to be eating free food every alternate time i dine there! one time, we had so much free food, our bill was only $16- very disproportionate to our bursting stomachs haha.

go have your fill of Ichiban Boshi soon!


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