chocolate chip macadamia cookies

a quick update before i head off to enjoy xmas!

baked for 4 hours today and made about 150 chocolate chip macadamia nut cookies!!!! seriously, the turn out was so overwhelming that for most of the time, i was just washing and drying new containers so that i could fill them with cookies.

there were enough to pack 4 containers of about 15 cookies each for my relatives, another tub for gen, 2 tubs for the party tml, and 3 tubs left for our own consumption. seriously damn insane!!

followed this recipe

but instead of using white chocolate chips, i swapped it for the normal chocolate chips, and didn’t add salt because i was scared it’d turn out to be salt cookies. didn’t really coat cookie dough with the macadamia nuts either, instead we only cut the nuts into half and blended it in, so that you can still detect the presence of the nut in the cookie. for some nuts, we cut them into tiny pieces and sprinkled them on some cookies for deco.

teeny lumps of cookie dough, had to be only one teaspoon big because they expand like siao

mmm simply loves the smell of cookies baking in the oven (:

end product! these were from the hugeass first batch. subsequent batches were much much smaller in size

was so busy washing and drying things so i didn’t get a chance to take any more photos. well if you like crispy/crunchy cookies, you’ll like this one! so far those who complained it was too hard are the people who prefer their cookies to be chewy- that we’ll save for another time, a long long time later cos right now i’m feeling damn jelat of cookies already.


MERRY XMAS YALL!!! tis the season for eating good food and opening presents YAYYY


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