and i’ll never go back (home)

the long awaited stay-cation (locals who decide to take a vacation within their own country) at Marina Bay Sands had finally arrived!

we reached the hotel at about 130pm and decided to try our luck for an early check in (normal check in time is 3pm). the hotel concierge was definitely in a xmas mood, because not only did they allow us to check in a full 1.5 hours earlier, they also upgraded us to the Horizon Deluxue room which is located on the 50th storey of the 57-strorey building, FREE OF CHARGE!

the view from the 50th floor was awesome, although i’ve pretty much visited everywhere in Singapore that boasts a good view of the city skyline. and it’s always the same few things i’m seeing, so i definitely wouldn’t have paid $40 more to book a room with a good view.

would love to sleep in a king-sized bed every single day!

brought ritz along with me to capture the memorable experience (:

the room was great! i loveee the toilet, except for the shower because the water temperature is ultra difficult to control. the (free) toiletries are really good, they even gave a free sewing kit in a plastic box! would have been absolutely handy 6 years ago when the prefect that i was had to carry around a sewing kit for people to re-sew their belts. the conditioner was also very nice-smelling, still had half left even after spamming so much on my dry hair haha.


i’ve been watching Fugitive Plan B, the new korean drama with rain in it. and there are so many scenes in which he playfully throws his entire body rod-like onto the hotel bed. HAHA absolutely had to try it, and it really is quite fun LOLOL! cheap thrill


and dear infinity pool, we are reunited once again (:

the feeling of strolling up in your bathrobes and flashing….your hotel vip card to gain entry into the pool is really great after all those times spent staring enviously at hotel guests who get to use the pool.

contrary to what i had expected, the white submerged beds are not squishy at all. they are made of some hard plastic, which means it’s really not that shiok to lie on it for a very long time. but it’s a great spot if you intend to get a tan under the blazing sun and don’t want to sweat.


yes, you don't fall to your death even if you stupidly forget and climb out of the wrong side of the pool..

with scenery like that, it's nothing less than picture perfect

fearing for my digicam, either plummeting some 57 stories down, or plummeting down into the 1.2 metre pool, along with my photos

the water is extra cold because it’s so high up in the sky, and because it was going to rain. soon, we couldn’t stand the cold anymore, so we left. after a nice hot bath, we decided to go walking around and try the newly opened skating rink!

let me ask you a question:

when someone says Skating Rink, what do you think the floor of the rink is made of?

Ice right?

turns out, that’s what MBS has been banking on when it opened it’s very own indoor skating rink. the location is so central, the prices are so much cheaper ($13 for the first hr, $3 for every hour after), it’s almost too good to be true! but actually, the ground that you skate on is not made of ice, rather, it is made of some kind of wax...

wah wah wah, what do we have here? in the middle of the rink yo!

haha like very pro skater like that.

but to be honest, i fell 3 times and now have bruises on my knees. was grabbing on to handrails whenever possible, and if not, jeremy. it was such a nerve wrecking experience because i was so afraid to fall- the parts that come into contact with the waxy surface become very greasy after that, so gross!!

after an hour of skating, we (actually me only) hobbled back to the hotel room to get changed for dinner.

because we didn’t want to burst our budget eating good, but hell expensive food within MBS itself, we walked 1 km out to esplanade for Ichiban Boshi. this has taken over Sushi Tei as my favourite Japanese restaurant in Singapore!! since jeremy introduced me to this place a year ago, we’ve seriously been eating there all the time! thus, i shall save the meal for another blog entry because there are so many pictures of yummy food that i want to post!

after dinner, we walked a hell lot more to look for ice-cream dessert! and then another long trek back in heels to MBS. i have blisters on my toes from all the walking ):

since there was still time, we decided to go up FOR ANOTHER SWIM!!!

this time it was really freezing. so we mostly just sat around and camwhored. night pictures are really hard to take without a tripod! had to use our knees as makeshift tripods, and even then, it required alot of attempts to get a clear picture. nonetheless, the pictures that were clear turned out to be really nice (:

super nice backdrop


we later discovered that the jacuzzis were hidden in a discreet corner, and it was EMPTY! so we hopped in! surprisingly, the water was DAMN WARM! got quite a shock going from the freezing waters into the jacuzzi, but soon i didn’t ever want to leave the latter.

unfortunately, just as i was whipping out my camera to take a photo, the lifeguard came over and told us to get indoors because the lightning signal was activated. gah…….

but i suppose it’s the experience, even if it was a minute long, that counts!

since it was STILL early after the swim, we got changed and went out to gaigai and look for our midnight supper. trekked 1 km before reaching the 7-11 at Singapore Flyer, an oasis in the night since all the shops were already closed at 11pm. at the same time, we took more photos with the same old cityscape as the backdrop. by the end we began our trek back to the hotel, i was so exhausted i didn’t speak for most of the journey.

so hard to believe we were swimming all the way up there

jumpshots are essential when its 11pm and hardly anyone is on the helix bridge

need to work on smiling and jumping at the same time

after a long hard day of having fun, we snacked on good ol’ nongshim instant noodles while watching boys over flowers rerun on Channel U – MBS has a whole list of free channels to watch including HBO, MTV, NHK Jap channel, KBS Korean channel, BBC, etc. but somehow, ch U was the only channel that happened to interest us both- i refused to watch BBC or the jap channel…

and then it was bedtime!!!

slept soundly until 7am when i needed to pee. the bed was so shiok, i had so much space to roll around at night! pillows were too soft though, would’ve given me a neckache if i had stayed there another night.

GOODBYE MBS ): really had all the fun i needed to make up for all the shit that happened this year. be back SOON!

oh, and finally, that’s our new year’s wish scribbled onto one of the hundreds of floating balls that are drifting around on Marina Bay.

hope i'm not jinxing my wish by posting this here


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