give me the gun

today was proof that the last semester was a pure nightmare.

this is the first semester that i got no As at all, not even a damn A-. can’t say i didn’t expect it, although pharmaco really came as a surprise because i swear i nailed every question in the exam by regurgitating the entire notes word for freaking word, so i couldn’t possibly have expected anything less than an A-. but shit happens.

however, there are three ways to look at it optimistically:

one, i am keeping up with my aim of never scoring below a B+ for core modules

two, the ugly B for jap studies can be S/U-ed

three, after S/U-ing jap studies, i get a nice 4.0 for this sem (:

and given the unfortunate event that happened during the exam period, i should be proud of myself for pulling through with grades like that. it’s hard to understand what mourning the loss of a relative must feel like like while trying to study for exams, and i should hope no one would ever be subjected to the same circumstances, but i’m telling you it is the absolute hardest i’ve ever had to deal with. i suppose it’s a valid excuse, not to escape the consequences of poor results, but to remind me that i must be thankful for them nonetheless.

and at the end of the day, things can only look up from here (:



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