only just a dream

i’ve been having alot of strange dreams lately. i blame it on watching too much tv and trying to unlock new dream states in the Inception iPhone app.

nonetheless, my dreams always seem to remain grounded to relevant situations, like how last night i dreamt that results were out already and i got 4.4 cap for the semester. of course i’m hoping that it comes true tomorrow at 9am, omg so nervous!!

anyway, impending doom of results aside, i’m finally getting to kickstart the week of AWESOMENESS!!

the holidays have finally officially started, with all the NTU fellows liberated from their inhumane December-long struggle with exams. so jeremy and i are hitting the town today for some last minute xmas shopping today – seriously burning a large hole in my pocket this month.

and then tml its MBS 😀 the holiday i’ve been looking forward to ever since MBS opened. call it good timing, but we’re going there in time to check out the new indoor ice-skating rink that just opened up last week! please just don’t rain on our infinity pool parade..

thurs will see another attempt to bake edible things. this time around: White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies. sounds yummy even though i usually hate anything with nuts in it.

then comes the string of xmas meals!!! well, just two, really. but exciting all the same!!! and don’t let me get started on the PRESENTSSSSSS!!!!!!!!

i can’t see the end of this week right now, because I NEVER WANT IT TO END!


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