is NOT the name of a new chain of ice-cream shops that are going to populate Singapore and feature a unique (but increasingly typical) store concept and hot (but bitchy) girls to remind you who’s the boss when ordering your ice-cream.

rather, Rockmelt is the name of the new browser that is going to take over Google Chrome as the most happeningz browser in this age of social network domination.

imagine Chrome (if you are not already using Chrome, i’d only have one word for you: PRIMITIVE!) without all the need to have so many different tabs opened all at once. Rockmelt has offered you the convenience of organizing all the different social media websites all into the same page, allowing you to check up on them as you are surfing the web or watching youtube without having to tab out of that page!

check this out:

the extreme left of the browser shows a list of Facebook contacts that are online/busy. if you chat with them, the conversation shows up in Facebook as the normal pop-out, which generally annoys me because of the irritating click sounds. however, with Rockmelt, the conversation also shows up in a separate window, and kinda records the conversation like an MSN chat window, like this!

fb chatting has never been this easy, and with a muted and unannoying beep to inform you that the person has replied

also, the extreme right of the browser has the default Facebook and Twitter apps, and others if you wish to add them, offering updates of additions to the homepage or timeline respectively. i realized that the Twitter app is lagging by about a minute, but still useful if you want to tweet. also, this is the first app that i’ve seen that allows you to see which exact tweet a person is referring to when he/she replies you.

look at the youtube preview in the twitter app! shame on twitter for not thinking of that themselves first!

additionally, you also get pop-out bubbles at the bottom right of your screen, like above, to inform you about status updates on Facebook and Twitter. which, i suppose, also forces you to read every single thing that people are spamming the timeline with.

but well, this is the age when everyone’s voyeuristic tendencies has already been acknowledged, and what’s more, an entire browser designed to ease the process of checking up on what your friends/nonfriends-but-people-you-stalk are up to. if you don’t like reading what annoying people are updating about, you can also adjust the settings to disable the popouts.

and like Chrome, the homepage also shows the links of most frequented websites for your easy access. if you miss the colourful themes that you can set for Chrome, Rockmelt also gives you the option to use Chrome themes for the browser! plus, the bookmarks are all arranged in the same way that Chrome does. so there’s really no reason why you should resist the Rockmelt change.

now you may ask:

how do i get Rockmelt?

click “Connect with Facebook” for your invitation to use Rockmelt – they are still in the Beta (trial) stage so only a limited number of people will be able to download and use the browser. after a day, go back to the same website and you will be able to download the program to install Rockmelt. i know they said they will email you when it’s ready, but they are lying. obviously trying to sieve out the people who are really hard up to get a slice of them.

go get your Rockmelt before they’re all snapped up!! don’t say i didn’t share the good stuff with you 😉


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