the saltcake mystery

i’ve been trying to tuck this absolute failure that i’d encountered last Friday under the mat, but on retrospect, i believe it should be a funny experience that everyone should have a little laugh about.

riding on the success of my previous baking attempt, i decided to be ambitious and find a way to finish up the remaining buttermilk that i had in the freezer. with that, i set off to make pancakes, borrowing the recipe from this website,

i added the ingredients in the perfect amounts and managed to produce a very uniformly mixed and smooth batter. and that’s where everything started to go wrong.

the actual making of the pancake was SO HARD! i really imagined it to be so much easier. i hadn’t considered that the pan would be too hot when i was pouring in the batter. and so the first pancake i made looked more like rosti….

but i kept it, leaving it to cool for a taste test, while starting on the second pancake in the meantime. this time around, i poured the batter with the pan out of the heat, and replaced it later to cook. flipping the pancake was a disaster, because i had used too much batter to make the pancake. ARGHHHH was so frustrated at this point!

took a break halfway during the second pancake to taste test the first rosti-pancake

you know how when you take a chunk of pancake into your mouth, you already have the expectation that it would taste somewhat like, say, a pancake from Macdonald’s, or at least just deviating from it by a bit.

NEVER, in a million years, would you expect a pancake to taste like SALTCAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!

it was so, sooooo bad, that i could not bring myself to eat another mouthful. after i was done cooking the second pancake- for completion’s sake, i threw away the remaining batter ):

the thing is, i have no idea what went wrong! other than the fact that i know better than to use that much salt again in pancakes. or rather, i would NEVER make pancakes from scratch again. can’t bear to taste test another saltcake after an hour of sieving, mixing and cooking…

i’m degrading myself to premix brownies the next time around. at least if it sucks, Betty Crocker is to blame..


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