getting back in the game

gen and i had a brilliant idea to occupy our holiday time while the bfs are out of the country (studying for exam in pulau NTU also counted): BADMINTON!!

i dug out my racket from the storeroom and to my horror, despite having not touched the racket since i regripped it the last time (albeit 1.5 years ago), the lovely neon pink grip had already started to disintegrate ))));

regripping rackets is an absolute chore for me, because it’s definitely not something i’m good at. but whatever, nobody is going to see or care that my grip is wrinkly except me.

so we managed to book a 2 hour slot for last Friday at Bishan Sports Hall. ooh turns out after booking the first time there, the counter staff are able to activate an account for you at so next time, you can simply use that website to book from home! of course, courts are subjected to availability, and you pay the booking fees by credit card. haha very easy one!

having been out of the fitness zone the past month or so, i totally forgot about stretching and warm up exercises! so after 2 hours of badminton, where both of us were being bitchy and making each other run all over the place for the shuttlecock, i was (and am still) aching so badly in my butt, thighs, calves, arms and back from the buildup of lactic acid.

plus, my adidas shoes gave up on me, after 3 years since i got it in J2 for PE, not bad la huh!

the initial delight at the thought of being able to buy new shoes dissipated quickly as i was shoe shopping at Parkway today. now i remember why i hardly buy shoes in Singapore:

EVERY FREAKING WHERE NEVER SEEM TO STOCK UP SHOES IN MY SIZE! imagine the disappointment when i see a nice pair of shoes, and then being told that they don’t have it in my size anymore. i mean, it’s not like they don’t carry the size at all, they DO! it’s just that they have fewer pairs of that size, just because the assumption is that there will be excess pairs since presumably large feet occur infrequently in the population.

but guess what? isn’t it always the larger sizes that sell out faster than all the “normal” ones? what kind of silly logic do shoe companies have man…or perhaps just the ones that distribute shoes to Asian countries. if angmoh countries had a limit in the number of large sizes they can sell, i think they will start riot already lor.

anyway…i managed to find a nice red pair in my size at the main Adidas shop (after failing miserably pair after pair after pair after pair ((got at least 6 pairs lor)) in Royal Sporting House). and to my surprise, it was discounted at 25% off the original price ((:

well you know what they say, new broom sweep clean, can’t wait for next Friday’s badminton session to use them spanking new Adiprenes 😀 😀


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