the first ever solo baking experience

that’s right. a kitchen noob that i am, who has barely done anything when i attempt to cook, offering to clean instead, because i have a phobia for anything that would burn me (stemming from a bad experience when i was 6 and curious to see what the red tap on the water cooler did…)

this kitchen noob HAS BAKED 40 chocolate chip cupcakes to be exact, all by myself!!!

i used the same average betty recipe from the last time we did the chocolate pudding cupcakes with frosting. except i skipped the pudding and the frosting parts because it was too hard, and i don’t think i can stand force feeding myself or other people with frosted cupcakes again. and at the end i just blended in some hersheys semi-sweet chocolate chips, with a low speed, and tadah!!! chocolate chip cupcakes!!!

it was abit crazy, considering i woke up that morning with no intention to bake at all. then i had 1 hour to kill before meeting gen, so i was looking at all the recipes online. and decided there and then to bake when i got home that evening.

from 5 to 9pm, i was hard at work. pretty glitch free, thank god. i exercised the same, intense amount of caution that i would in a pharmacy practical that i was determined to finish asap so that i could go home earlier. only forgot to leave the eggs at room temperature (but honestly no difference..), and forgot all about my special chocolate chip ingredient at the end- so i had one batch of 6 cupcakes that were chocchip-less.

absolutely fearful for my life every single time i had to go near the oven


overall, very successful!!! and so far, people are more genuinely enjoying the cupcakes- i can tell because they are not politely declining a second serving.

finally! accomplishing something i’d never thought i’d be capable of doing (:

next up is learning how to fry an omelette…


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  1. Good Job dear!!!



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