despicable me

steve carell's Russian accent is damn good

i know it was a super long time ago when this movie came out, but somehow the trailer gave me the impression that it wasn’t a very worthy movie to spend $7 on. instead, i found “other means” to get the movie, and finally got to watch it yesterday!

the verdict?


does this count as annoying~?

really did not expect it to be half as funny as it was. the minions were hilarious. they remind me of the little orange eggs you find inside your Kinder Surprise chocolate eggs hahaha so cute!

the storyline is about a world dominated by an oligopoly of villians, each trying to outdo each other by stealing various important landmarks of the world. Gru, voiced by Steve Carell, decides to trump all their conquests by stealing the moon. but to do it, he needed the help of 3 orphan girls to penetrate his nemesis’ home and steal the device that would shrink the moon and allow him to grab it from outer space. thus, Gru adopts the 3 little girls and once they get the job done for him, he has to choose whether he should abandon them for his villian plans, or keep them.

very typical and predictable outcome, but the movie had enough humour to make up for the cliche ending. go watch it if you haven’t already! (:

anyway, i just had one very good first week of the holidays! no plans to go overseas this time ): but i’ve been busy catching up with all the things i missed out on the past 3 months! sometimes i think time passes too quickly, i really don’t want my 5 remaining weeks to be up so soon!!!


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