i came to dance x4

i am absolutely exhausted from an entire day out yesterday. i think age is definitely catching up with me. i used to have the stamina for late nights, even after a whole day of shopping and walking. but now, it’ll take me an entire day to recuperate from one day of going out. hahaha terrible..

yesterday was an exciting gastronomic adventure though!

$5 Regular cup of fries with Ole Ole sauce from Best Fries Forever at Raffles City B1

also got to try Earl Grey Milk Tea with white pearls from Gong Cha, the newest overhyped brand of bubble tea that is also located at Raffles City B1. the white pearls taste interesting eh, more like flavourful jelly rather than starch pearls that are white. i’d still prefer the black pearls from Koi though. next time i shall try the other flavours like Matcha with Asuki bean.

Paradise Dynasty's famous 8 flavoured xlbs

there's even an order to eat them so that one doesn't mar the taste of another

1. Original: because we took turns to eat the xlbs (him odd, mine even), i didn’t get to try this. but i imagine it must taste…well…like the usual xlb haha.

2. Garlic: the flavour wasn’t entirely overwhelming, like i had imagined it to be. it actually has the right amount of garlic in the xlb soup to make it extra tasty!

3. Ginseng: got to try abit of the soup inside. omg overpowering Ginseng. and i hate Ginseng, so this is definitely the worst xlb flavour in the lot.

4. Foie Gras: the essence of Foie Gras is only there if you allow your mind to imagine it. otherwise, i don’t think there was anything particularly special about this one.

5. Black Truffle: quoted by the December issue of Cleo as the best tasting xlb in the basket, it did live up to its expectations. except i can’t quite enjoy it because i’m not too sure what kind of ‘Truffle’ they were referring to. Truffle oil? Truffle mushroom? Chocolate Truffles? hahahaha

6. Cheesy: EXTREMELY cheesy. not in a good way..

7. Crab Roe: the only thing crab-related in the flavour was its fishy taste. not very pleasant :/

8. Szechuan: in my opinion, the best!!! the soup in the xlb is sour and spicy! very interesting invention. and if i’m going back to this place. i’ll just be ordering one basket of 6 Szechuan (yes, you can order a basket of one flavour by itself, as 6 or 9) xlbs ((:

walked around town feeling quite carefree despite NTU exams being 2 weeks away. i found my new 2011 planner at Kikki K!!! it’s probably the most awesome planner i’ve ever owned. abit pricey, but worth every single cent because the entire book is filled with colours!!! thanks jeremy ((((((:

the 2011 "cute" diary! terrible name. blame the swedish..

EVERY WEEK has a different print at the borders. IMAGINE THAT!!!!

also comes with a detachable address book and CUTE STICKERSSSSS

for dinner, we took a train to Tanjong Pagar, walked a bloody long way (turns out we were stupid and made a huge circle, when the place is only 200 m from Exit A of the train station), before reaching this interesting place!

it's called 2D1N Soju Bang Korean BBQ, where as you can see, pictures of plastic Koreans are pretty much plastered everywhere

you would imagine this is a place where fanboys and fangirls come here to live their Korean fantasies, and dine Korean style. but no! while we were there, the majority of the patrons were actual Koreans speaking in Korean!! almost feels like i’m on a holiday in Korea, something i hope my mummy will reward me with next June..

haha i was also staring at all the posters of the plastic Korean girls and trying to decide which parts of my face i’d like to surgically enhance/do away with if i were filthy rich. gotta be non-sticking-out ears, thicker double eyelids, and a nose job man. but until then, at least straight teeth and perfect eyesight has served me well so far.

egg omelette with pieces of Korean fishcake in it. damn shiok with the sauce!

appetizers! love the sweet corn in mayo sauce or whatever. the tofu also very nice! hate kimchi and ikan bilis though

beef stew?! tried to order BBQ beef but came out like that. hahah so i have no idea..

i think overall. the food wasn’t too bad! except that the portions were suitable for people who dined in larger groups, like 4-5. they should have smaller portions that you can choose for 2 people, otherwise really impossible to finish everything! luckily we could take away the leftover omelette, not so wasted.

later on that night, i joined the girls for the first holiday clubbing trip!

with bengtatt and his US exchange friend taylor (no freaking clue who that extra girl is in the bg)

thanks to bad boy bengtatt, i got to sample one puff of his menthol cigarette. trust me, even though all my senses were numbed by the alcohol, the taste of the smoke was so repulsive that it sent me sputtering and coughing within 1 second of inhaling. it’s basically smoke, i don’t know how else to describe it. for the next 5 minutes, i tried blowing out every bit of smoke i stupidly inhaled hahahaha. but well, if you don’t try, you’ll never know.

as for how someone can become addicted to rubbish like that, i really don’t know, and probably shouldn’t try to experiment with that either.

what a night. went home with a blood clot on my toe. bitch who stepped on me earlier was probably fat or have really spiky heels. feet are aching from all the hours of standing as well. looks like it’ll be awhile before i hit the club again..


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