a very chubby maturation

just got back from gen’s 21st birthday party! was so tired from the wake, which lasted from this morning 10am till 6pm, so i was the first to leave, sorry chubby! to make it up, i will be the first to upload the photos on fb.

also, i really think i could become a pretty good party photographer 😛 the pictures i take how nice la. straining my thigh and eye muscles all night trying to get a good shot of everyone. it’s great to review the photos at the end of the day and know that all the effort paid off (:

gen held her party in the cozy upper floor of The Tea Party, which is located in Sixth Ave Centre along Bukit Timah Road. pretty easy to locate because it’s on the first floor of the building and the right-most shop. the place is basically a very chill place for friends to hang out. there are also board games for you to play, much like the usual settler’s cafe.

we had to take polaroids at the door!

haha!!! creative chubby thought of the pose!

yumyum nasi briyani and super delicious chikin wings!

here's chubby saying "here's the food!"

this is the $300 ice-cream cake from Haagen Daz

super nice helium balloons in the background, which aren't annoying when the strings aren't tickling your noses or getting in the way of photos


so tired now omg time to crash and get ready for another day of hardcore PLAYING HAHAHAHAHAHA


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