keeping the sanity

stress has a pretty good ability to alter eating behaviors. first you are stressed because you realized you have to sit down and finish 1 sem’s worth of content in a week. while revision, you snack. as a result of snacking, you feel sleepy, and that’s not good.

halfway through recess week, it dawns upon you that all the time sleeping after snacking has cost you alot of wasted revision time. at the same time, finding out that you’re pretty much screwed for finals is sufficient to invoke a pretty long-lasting sensation of anorexia. thus, while gaining weight in the short term, that weight and more is lost in the longer term.

which is why i could afford to eat this


Sarpino's Ranch Style pizza @ gen's on tuesday for dinner. we also ordered Beef Lagsane, which was super shiokzxzxz




Salmon and Funghi pizza at Da Paolo's Pizza Bar for dinner on thurs




Da Paolo's Pizza Bar meatballs. filled with so much flavour! best meatballs ever! win ikea cos these ones are bigger 😀




lychee martini and strawberry shortcake ice-cream from Daily Scoop at Chipbee





hahaha other random photos from this week:


with gen's MORT! shall be my purchase from universal studios. SO CUTE!



we were really stressed..



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